Sequoia B. Holmes is chatting about all of the ‘unexpected’ things Black people love on ‘Black People Love Paramore’

Society & Culture August 1, 2022
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“Black People Love Paramore” dives into pop culture and unexpected things that Black people are fans of. Host Sequoia B. Holmes chats with guests about a slew of topics “not traditionally associated with Black people,” like various celebrities, self care, Twitter, kung fu, anime, fictional characters, and much more.

Since 2021, this podcast has been going strong with over 30 episodes to stream in any order. Running less than an hour on average, the humorous and random episodes are must-listens for pop culture fanatics.

Sequoia was recently joined by actor, writer, and self-care connoisseur Candy Washington to share why Black people love self-care. Earlier this month, Jet G talked about why Black people are Tony Hawk fans. In an episode with Les Alfred from “The Balanced Black Girl Podcast,” they discussed superstitions. Charmee Taylor joined an episode all about astrology.

There are episodes on Jack Harlow, Kelly Clarkson, the When We Were Young Festival ft. Ryann Graham, Celine Dion, and line dances like the Electric Slide.

Topics are not limited to pop culture, with episodes on restaurants, food, and cookouts. Check out what Sequoia and guests’ explanations on why Black people love ginger ale, crab legs, cognac with Tiffany Sheri from the “I Can’t Stress This Enough” podcast, Red Lobster, and the art of brunch.

Hear why Black people love house slippers with filmmaker Tristan Hill. Mina Taylor chatted with Sequoia about Spider-Man. Tune in for episodes on muscle cars, WWE/WWF, streetwear, and basketball. For tech-themed episodes, hear about the old video chatting service ooVoo, Chirp Phones, and Sidekicks.

On the first-ever episode, Sequoia sat down with music critic and pop culture journalist Jordan Coley to chat about Paramore and the scene.

Excellently insightful, comedic, and engaging, stream BPLP Pod’s “Black People Love Paramore” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Black People Love Paramore’

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