UFOs, UAPs, Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge, a haunted ranch, and more examined on ‘Fringe Network: Alien State’

Society & Culture June 30, 2022
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The government’s long-standing interest in UFOs has been publicly confirmed with released evidence and documents. But who is spilling the government’s secrets? The Binge’s “Fringe Network: Alien State” unpacks firsthand stories and talks about the government’s case files. And it appears that the more we learn, the more questions arise.

Start this series from episode 1 to hear the full story, with the average episode running less than an hour. We learn that host MJ Banias’ journey started in 2011, when he learned about Roy’s story and strange encounters.

One night, Roy claimed 3 grey beings entered his bedroom and held a sharp, pointed metallic tube to his head. As the device touched his head, he felt electricity pulsing through his body, and he blacked out. Roy showed the host a photo of his scalp, and told him that these visits kept happening.

MJ started finding more people like Roy and joined Vice’s team to report on these sorts of stories. MJ co-founded The Debrief, a news site reporting with journalistic integrity. He started hearing from people with government credentials who claimed to have intel, worked on programs, or had witnessed the unexplainable firsthand.

Episode 1 talks about 3 videos from 2017, showing US navy fighter pilots with unidentified flying objects and why the pilots questioned how the crafts were flying. These videos were released and UAP, unidentified aerial phenomena, were taken more seriously by the public. This episode looks at how this happened and why Blink 182’s vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge is involved. Stay tuned when MJ sits down with Tom.

The second episode explores how Tom’s company obtained the Navy’s fighter pilot videos and why former Department of Defense members agreed to work with him on “the most important issue of our time.” Plus, you’ll hear from a real-life Man in Black.

There’s a haunted ranch in Northeast Utah, but does it have a connection to the Stars? Learn about Skinwalker Ranch, the place’s new owner, and more in episode 3. The series also sees if a $22 million UFO government program existed and what purpose it served. Hear from a former investigator reporting on the “shadowy program,” what he has witnessed, and what he cannot explain. These are the kinds of details we’ll hear all season of “Fringe Network: Alien State.”

We recommend this series for listeners of “Somewhere in the Skies” and “It’s Probably (Not) Aliens.”

All episodes are now streaming for subscribers. New episodes will be released weekly for everyone else.

Listen to ‘Fringe Network: Alien State’

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