Jake Brennan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks Season 3: A Bob Dylan Story’ revs up after Dylan’s motorcycle crash in July 1966

Music March 17, 2022
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Double Elvis’ “Blood on the Tracks” is back for season 3, “A Bob Dylan Story,” mixing true crime, historical fiction, spoken-word, and lo-fi noir beats. Hosted and created by popular podcaster Jake Brennan, this season revs up its story in July 1966 after Bob Dylan crashed his Triumph 500 motorcycle in Woodstock, New York. The public wondered if he died in the accident, and in an interview decades later, Dylan revealed he underwent a transfiguration, or spiritual journey of sorts.

In 1966, Dylan disappeared from the public eye and recovered locally at a doctor’s home upstate. When he reemerged, Dylan looked and sounded different, and what happened in those 10 days is unclear. Was he actually recovering from an injury or perhaps having a mental breakdown? Was he detoxing from drugs or taking a break to reevaluate his life after releasing Blonde on Blonde and completing a whirlwind tour? This season, fictionalized voices will look back to the past and see the future in a story filled with transformation, Hell’s Angels, vagabonds, Nashville Cats, punk rockers, and brushes with mortality “because you can’t push the needle into the red without leaving a little blood on the tracks.”

Start “Blood on the Tracks” from episode 1 each season with episodes running under 40 minutes each. Last season presented a fictionalized account of “The John Lennon Story” based on John and Yoko’s life in the 1970s. Season one was “The Phil Spector Story” about the former record producer sent to prison for murdering the actress/model Lana Clarkson.

In season 3, episode 1, Dylan is contemplating Newport’s dying folk music era and where history is missing. Andy Warhol, two Elvis Presleys, Shakespeare, a dog named Hamlet, and an ax-wielding Pete Seeger are on his mind. And Dylan shares what happened on that Woodstock road and if the Dylan we thought we knew died. In episode two, Dylan remembers Robert Zimmerman’s death, president of San Bernardino’s Hell’s Angels. His death lined up with Minnesota’s Robert Zimmerman taking the stage, the person who became Bob Dylan in New York.

Episode 3 focuses on physical and artistic change, and Dylan travels to Nashville in his mind. There, Dylan meets Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and enjoys some Leprechaun Cocktails with Music City’s finest.

If you enjoy music history, pop culture, or true crime, check out Brennan’s other podcasts including “Badlands,” “Disgraceland,” and “27 Club.” New episodes of “Blood on the Tracks Season 3: A Bob Dylan Story” are now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Blood on the Tracks Season 3: A Bob Dylan Story’

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