‘Bonaparte’ reveals groundbreaking new leads on a 25-year-old case when lawyer Anne Champion receives info on her friend’s murder

True Crime April 6, 2022
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Podsauce host Alesha Reneé highlighted “Bonaparte” on a recent Murder Most Foul segment. This compelling, 10-episode story begins when an accomplished New York lawyer, Anne Champion, received an unexpected phone call 25 years after her friend’s death. Anne returned home to Iowa and attempted to cobble together the facts and investigate Laura Van Wyhe’s case. Laura’s body was found on the side of the road, and the case ran cold.

Start “Bonaparte” from episode 1 to not miss any details. With all episodes running less than an hour each, this podcast is bingeable in a day. You’ll want to listen all the way through to catch the remarkable breakthroughs made in the case.

Alesha recommends this true crime series for fans of “Gone South,” an investigative podcast about the sex crimes prosecutor, Margaret Coon, who was murdered in her neighborhood. Alesha applauded “Bonaparte’s” savvy audio effects throughout the episodes.

In episode 1, we learn about Anne’s background tackling complex legal cases, so she is ready for the challenge that gets personal this time. Anne works with Jason by episode 2 to learn more about Laura’s death after they arrived in Iowa. Episode 3 cracks open police files, and they hear a different account of Laura’s murder than what’s seen in the documents. Anne contacts a key witness, and they meet by episode 4, but it does not go according to plan. They learn what other witnesses told police in 1996, and in recent years, one witness is cracking under pressure.

Laura’s gifts emerged in her teenage years, yet she suffered throughout childhood. Her search for freedom revealed unintended consequences. Laura’s mother, Leanne, fought for Samson’s custody, the child she left behind, and we hear about Donnie, someone with a sticky past.

In episode 7, Anne flexes her legal skills to obtain evidence, and there’s a potential breakthrough – though, she must jump through hoops and lobby with law enforcement for this info. Samson shares memories from childhood, being raised by Leanne, and what he knows about his mother’s death. He also discusses attempts he’s made to reconnect with his father. And by the last episode, Anne has generated plenty of new leads to follow. Will everyone find the answers they’re looking for?

“Bonaparte” is brought to you by Imperative. All episodes are now streaming, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Bonaparte’

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