Stuck in a reading rut? ‘The Book Case with Kate & Charlie Gibson’ is bringing on the best (like Oprah!) to give you your next recommendation

Arts May 10, 2022
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GMA’s “The Book Case” is hosted by a wholesome father-daughter duo, Kate and Charlie Gibson. On weekly episodes, they’re “making the case for books outside of your usual genre” and “will journey cover to cover through the literary world.” The Gibsons will chat about books, interview new and established authors, tastemakers, and bookstore owners.

They’re eager to share recommendations with listeners to help whet your appetite for new genres and get you “out of your reading rut” if you’re currently stuck in one. Stream the series in any order, with the average episode running less than 40 minutes long.

On the first episode, book club queen Oprah joined Kate and Charlie to share the origins of her book club and its greater impact.

Oprah’s book club started as a happy accident. It was initially suggested by her intern, Alice McGee, who befriended Oprah and later became a senior producer. They bonded over their love of literature and often talked about what they were reading behind the scenes.

Alice suggested Oprah Winfrey Show viewers might enjoy the kinds of conversations they were having, and Oprah’s team originally didn’t think a book club would translate well on TV. But the rest was history, and Oprah’s infectious enthusiasm for reading spread like wildfire – she’s credited for encouraging more Americans to read than any other literary program in existence.

Oprah told the Gibsons what’s in her personal collection of books, her ideal reading environment, and shared some of her own personal reading habits. Oprah even took one of Kate’s suggestions. We dare you not to be inspired to read more after hearing this conversation with Oprah.

Niall Williams stopped by episode 2 to tell some Irish tales and share his knack for lyrical prose. Upcoming episodes will chat with Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden and novelists John Irving and Sue Miller.

Charlie was a GMA and World News anchor for 35 years after working as a White House correspondent and congressional correspondent. Kate worked in public television and was the director/producer for Food Network programs.

If you’re a bibliophile and enjoy hearing book-centric conversations in podcasts like “Books on Pod with Trey Elling,” check out new, weekly episodes of “The Book Case with Kate & Charlie Gibson” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Book Case with Kate & Charlie Gibson’

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