Ding dong! Find out what made Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers culturistas with all things recent in ‘Las Culturistas’

Comedy April 21, 2022
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Comedians/actors Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are your friendly neighborhood “Las Culturistas.” Every week, the two are bringing some much needed hilarity and passion into the world of pop culture, from the hottest culture moments of today and the formative pop-cultural experiences that have made them who they are.

These two are always have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the phenomenons sweeping our current cultural landscape.

While Matt and Bowen have been “Las Culturistas” their entire lives, they began recording this podcast in 2016. There are over 300 episodes for you to listen to, and we highly suggest working your way back from their most recent episodes. Sometimes featuring cultural icons like Betty Who, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, and Katie Couric, episodes of “Las Culturistas” are typically 90 to 120 minutes long.

You should certainly recognize Bowen as a main cast member on Saturday Night Live. He’s been writing for the late-night comedy sketch show since 2016 (around the same time they started this podcast, actually) and was promoted to the main cast in 2019. Matt is certainly no chump when it comes to comedy either: he currently writes for and voices characters on Netflix’s Q-Force and can be seen starring in the show I Love That For You.

The two are super fans of Sex and the City and the Real Housewives franchise, so prepare to hear a lot about both series. You’ll find yourself exposed to a whole new world of television shows and movies that are must-watches. Honestly, these two could sell us on anything.

Hear them gush about new films like The Power of the Dog and old classics like Dirty Dancing. Hear comedian Naomi Ekperigen (whose set you can catch on Netflix’s The Standups) get serious about political candidates, performance anxiety, the Gilded Age, and Charlie Puth. Hear them chat with the one and only Betty Who about the music industry, touring, how she keeps the moms in the crowd entertained, playing at pretty much every Pride celebration across the continental United States, and Glee covers that are better than the original.

And if you’re truly up on pop culture like Bowen and Matt, then you know that all anyone can talk about is Everything Everywhere All at Once – which is exactly why the star of the film, Michelle Yeoh, joined them on “Las Culturistas” recently.

The two talk about how rare it is for people in the film industry to be so excited about a project they had no part in, but Everything Everywhere All at Once is certainly an exception. They host an amazing interview with Michelle, learning about her upbringing, how her first experience in a movie theater changed her life, her previous work in films like Star trek: Discovery and Tomorrow Never Dies, and how they shot this incredible film in just eight weeks. It’s a fantastic interview that shows not only Matt and Bowen’s love for their craft, but their love for the culture.

Don’t expect this podcast to be entirely pop culture. Sometimes Bowen and Matt just need to talk about a rogue ear infection or Brené Brown. They somehow manage to be both excessively snarky and overwhelmingly earnest while talking about the big and little things in their lives.

The two shift from ridiculous to profound at the drop of a hat, leaving us with a sort of emotional whiplash that only Matt and Bowen can conjure from us. Their conversation flows naturally, a perk we can only assume comes after six years of podcasting together.

Unsurprisingly, this entire podcast is laugh-out-loud funny, and it would be remiss for us not to suggest you start listening immediately. You can catch new episodes of “Las Culturistas” on Thursdays.

Listen to ‘Las Culturistas’

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