A fainting nurse, a COVID-19 vaccine, and a conspiracy theory: NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny examines misinformation in ‘Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*’

News April 19, 2022
Listen to ‘Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*’

“Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*” examines an internet firestorm and misinformation that spun out of control during the pandemic. In December 2020, Tennessee nurse manager Tiffany Dover chatted with reporters on camera after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine at her workplace, CHI Memorial Hospital. During the interview, Tiffany suddenly fainted, stood back up, and continued the conversation.

But conspiracy theorists were quick to take a swing at this event and spread misinformation. People around the globe were glued to this story and obsessed with finding out what really happened to Tiffany.

People speculated that Tiffany died on camera and was quickly replaced by a body double. On the internet, people began sharing their own narratives that the conspiracy theory was part of an elaborate plan with co-conspirators including the hospital, pharmaceutical companies, the media, and perhaps the Pope, too.

Tiffany has stayed quiet since the incident. Her story has been commandeered by strangers trying to convince others to doubt the safety of COVID-19 shots. In this podcast, NBC misinformation reporter Brandy Zadrozny is debunking lies, setting the record straight, finding truths, and sharing “how one person’s life became a weapon in a global information war.”

Zadrozny has investigated misinformation for over 10 years and has previously reported on anti-vaxxers. This podcast also explores how conspiracies spread on the Internet, especially during COVID-19, and how vulnerable people are exposed to lies and believe every single word. Stream the series from episode 1 to hear the complex story, with new episodes available over the next few weeks. So far, episodes are less than 40 minutes on average.

Episode 1 shares Tiffany’s story and explains the global impact of the misinformation that followed her fainting incident. In episode 2, Zadrozny attempts to find Tiffany.

We recommend “Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*” for fans of investigative podcasts like “Southlake,” “Biohacked: Family Secrets,” and “Scamfluencers.” “Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*” is presented by NBC News.

Listen to ‘Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead*’

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