‘Bridgewater’ is a new supernatural adventure with a dark twist

Fiction September 2, 2021
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From Aaron Mahnke, the man behind the smash hit podcast “Lore”, comes the newest supernatural adventure on podcasts. Along with iHeartRadio, “Bridgewater” will follow folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw, who is pulled back into the case of his father’s disappearance. His father, Thomas Bradshaw, a police officer, mysteriously vanished in 1980, but new evidence has emerged.

The re-opening of the case causes Jeremy to put his life on hold to solve his family mystery. With his father’s former partner, Detective Anne Baker, Jeremy chases the clues that lead him to even more unwanted questions. Did his father really fall victim to a Satanic Cult in the Bridgewater Triangle? Or was his fate even worse?

“Bridgewater” has an absolute onslaught of talented actors providing their voices to the story. Misha Collins from Supernatural, Melissa Ponzio of Teen Wolf, Hilarie Burton Morgan of The Walking Dead and One Tree Hill, along with Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, Kristin Bauer, Karan Soni, and Jonathan Joss.

An audio drama for the ages, “Bridgewater” is combining Mahnke’s folkloric expertise with the writing talent of Lauren Shippen. Mahnke’s podcast “Lore” has achieved critical acclaim, winning several awards podcast awards in its successful six years. In fact, “Lore” has been so popular that it has been created into a book series and an Amazon TV show. Shippen is also a veteran podcaster: she created the award-winning science fiction podcast “The Bright Sessions,” that has accrued over a million downloads and many accolades. She created the screenplay for this upcoming fictional horror series.

“Bridgewater” is produced by iHeartRadio and Mahnke’s audio production company, Grim & Mild Entertainment, that has also produced the podcasts “Cabinet of Curiosities,” “Haunted Road,” and “American Shadows.” Mahnke and Shippen are dedicated to creating high quality audio entertainment with “Bridgewater”. With a fantastical score and atmospheric sound design, “Bridgewater” will bring you right into Jeremy Bradshaw’s dark supernatural world, whether you want to solve a cold case or not.

The first of its 10 episodes will drop on Friday August 6th, 2021, but you can listen to the trailer here.

Listen to ‘Bridgewater’

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