#FreeBritney: 3 podcasts to help you stay up to date on everything Britney Spears

Music August 12, 2021

If you’ve tuned into pop culture news over the past few weeks, you’ve seen icon Britney Spears’ name and the trending hashtag #FreeBritney gracing headlines. For 13 years, Britney has been in a conservatorship co-controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, and an outside financial group. Luckily, there are some Britney Spears podcasts available to help us make sense of what’s happening.

A conservatorship is when a judge-appointed guardian/caretaker is set to manage the finances and daily life of a person who is not deemed well enough to take care of themselves. Spears was appointed a conservator after her hospitalization and struggle with mental health issues in 2008. 

Last week, Spears appeared before a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court. She expressed that she wants to break free from the conservatorship, and hopes to move forward with her life on her own terms. Now, Jamie Spears has agreed to step down as Britney’s conservator and work with the courts for a peaceful transition.

We’ve found some podcasts to bring awareness to the #FreeBritney movement and to hear updates on the situation as it unfolds:

We Need to Talk About Britney with Jen Zaborowski

Listen to ‘We Need to Talk About Britney’

Created in 2018 by actress and writer Jen Zaborowski, this Earios podcast has detailed Britney’s life and musical legacy. Jen explains how Britney’s experience resembles the fairy tale trope of a princess trapped in a tower. Recent episodes bring insight into Britney’s conservatorship and her court appearance. Listeners can call The Britney Hotline with questions, tips, or comments for the show. Many episodes have explored what Britney’s pre-conservatorship life was like. Jen is often joined by guests such as musician Lance Bass (NSYNC) and comedian Whitney Cummings.

Eat, Pray, Britney

Listen to ‘Eat, Pray, Britney’

This show’s hosts are former college roommates who bonded over their love of the iconic pop star. Lisa is a Britney archivist, while Jaclyn is a Britney historian. Episodes dig into the digital archive of classic Britney interviews, performances, and appearances. All recent episodes focus on the conservatorship. Jaclyn and Lisa run a Britney Book Club which archives all books recommended by Britney on social media.

Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

Listen to ‘Toxic: The Britney Spears Story’

Comedians Tess Barker and Babs Gray express harsh truths about the legal system, interview inside sources pertaining to Britney’s conservatorship, and update listeners in this perfectly-titled podcast by WitnessDocs. The hosts also previously appeared on an episode of “We Need to Talk About Britney.” The first episodes will premiere this summer.

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