Breaking points and breaking the cycle: ‘Burnout with Connor Franta’ examines the American workforce, hustle culture, and personal stories

Health & Fitness July 7, 2022
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Lemonada Media and Mindful present “Burnout with Connor Franta,” an extensive look at how society is reaching its breaking points and what we can do to break the cycle. YouTuber and author Connor brings his wit, candor, and empathy to examine burnout, how it affects the body and mind, and unpacks why seemingly easy solutions will not solve this systemic issue. And COVID-19 made burnout worse, as you’ve likely heard on the news.

On the podcast, Connor chats with different individuals on how they’ve experienced burnout. We recommend streaming the 4 full length episodes from the beginning then moving on to the shorter, bonus episodes. All episodes clock in under an hour, bingeable in just a few hours and a reminder that you are not alone if you are feeling burnt out.

On an episode of Podsauce, Connor shared his personal struggles with burnout and mental health. He reached his breaking point after hustling since he was 17 years old – going from college and athletics to content creating and more was taxing on his system and Connor explained how he worked through burnout.

The podcast’s first episode explores the physiology of burnout, the history of conversations around this issue, and we learn how it appears differently for everyone. Amazon Labor Union president, Chris Smalls, joins episode 2, and previously worked for hourly wages at a Staten Island warehouse in March 2020. We hear how working conditions contribute to workers’ breaking points in America, and this episode shares how redesigning workplaces can help avoid burnout.

Shannon once embraced hustle culture with her talent management job, hoping she could get admitted to the hospital and finally have a valid excuse to stop replying to emails. Episode 3 investigates society’s dissonance that seemingly asks people to choose between health, family, and our career. Listeners can also learn coping techniques to survive hustle culture.

Episode 4 shares how burnout is a product of the workforce and the way it is set up. But must it be this way? This episode spreads hope and insight for anyone currently suffering.

For mindfulness strategies, content, training, courses, and coaching, check out, which co-produced this podcast. Check out for meditations, courses, and resources to help you with burnout.

We recommend this podcast for listeners of “Friends with Mental Health Benefits,” “How’s Work? with Esther Perel,” and “Rough Translation.” All “Burnout with Connor Franta” episodes are now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Burnout with Connor Franta’

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