10 campfire podcasts: scary stories to stream in the dark

round up July 8, 2022

Pack an overnight bag, grab a flashlight, head to the woods, and gather ’round while listening to these campfire-ready podcasts. Traipse through all-consuming fog walls, skim eerie universes, encounter ghastly creatures, visit pop-up carnivals from hell, and more through your headphones this summer.

On our list, there are traditional ghost stories, spooky tales, supernatural encounters, and paranormal witnesses coming forward to share their stories firsthand. Tune in for digital hauntings (think possessed devices), cryptid creature sightings, and UFO abduction stories. “Nocturne” examines darkness and sets the mood even if you’re not literally in the dark. If true crime is your scene, there’s a podcast examining crimes and scary events in national parks.

Radio Rental podcast art

Radio Rental

Listen to ‘Radio Rental’

On “Radio Rental,” Rainn Wilson lends his voice to Terry Carnation, an eccentric video store clerk straight from the ’80s. This series explores odd crimes, paranormal activity, and real-life horror stories. It’s the brainchild of Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished) and draws inspiration from cult classics. With new episodes this summer, the podcast is presented by Tenderfoot TV and Cadence13.

Bleeders DIEgest podcast art

Bleeders DIEgest

Listen to ‘Bleeders DIEgest’

Bleeders DIEgest” creator and host Spider One told Podsauce all about his love of sci-fi, horror, and fictional storytelling. Each episode of this series features new, immersive stories with characters voice-acted by Spider One’s team and guest readers like Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2The Nun), Scout Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies), and Adam Busch (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

National Park After Dark podcast art

National Park After Dark

Listen to ‘National Park After Dark’

Audioboom Studios presents “National Park After Dark,” a true crime series hosted by friends and nature fans Cassandra Yahnian and Danielle LaRock. The podcast is recommended for any “morbid outdoor enthusiast” with episodes covering dark histories, tragic events, survival tales, and more. If you’ve already listened to “Park Predators,” you might be equally as creeped out with over 80 episodes of this podcast.

Nocturne podcast art


Listen to ‘Nocturne’

Vanessa Lowe’s “Nocturne” is one with the night and all things unseen in wide-ranging episodes. The immersive and sound-rich storytelling episodes share how behaviors, thoughts, and feelings change in the dark. In episodes, hear about an unexpected kayaking excursion, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what it would be like to fearlessly walk in the dark, and more. Tune in for over 90 episodes released monthly.

Full Body Chills podcast art

Full Body Chills

Listen to ‘Full Body Chills’

True crime queen Ashley Flowers hosts audiochuck’s “Full Body Chills,” a fictional spooktacular series with stories from rotating authors (including Ashley herself). If you enjoy her storytelling style on podcasts like “Crime Junkie” and “International Infamy,” you might also find yourself getting lost in 30 minute episodes filled with sound effects.

Strawberry Spring podcast art

Strawberry Spring

Listen to ‘Strawberry Spring’

Stephen King fans, this one’s for you. Hear a podcast adaptation of the horror king’s 1978 short story collection, Night Shift. Set in the 1960s at New Sharon College, students are tracing Springheel Jack’s trail, a modern Jack the Ripper. For years, the murders went unsolved and the killer went dormant. Every 8 years, Jack uses the thick, fog weather patterns to conceal his crimes. Hear characters voiced by Garrett Hedlund, Milo Ventimiglia, Sydney Sweeney, Herizen Guardiola, Al Madrigal, Ken Marino, and Brec Bassinger.

Scared to Death podcast art

Scared to Death 

Listen to ‘Scared to Death’

You might get “Scared to Death” with horror fan Dan Cummings’ weekly podcast. Dan shares *allegedly* true stories in an attempt to scare his wife Lynze and entertain listeners in over 120 episodes. Hear stories about shadow people, poltergeists, demonic possessions, stargazing with the dead, basement nightmares, and more disturbing stories. Episodes are less than 90 minutes on average.

Monsters Among Us podcast art

Monsters Among Us Podcast

Listen to ‘Monsters Among Us Podcast’

“Monsters Among Us Podcast” shares true paranormal stories told firsthand by witnesses of alien abductions, UFOs, ghosts, cryptid creatures, supernatural activity, and more. There are also episodes on Bigfoot and Sasquatch. Check out over 290 episodes hosted by Derek Hayes, running less than 70 minutes on average.


Listen to ‘Thirteen’

Imaginary Comma presents “Thirteen,” a drama series with new episodes released every month on the 13th. Take a drive down a long, dark highway. Who’s the creepy figure at Courtland Avenue Market and Deli? There’s an episode traveling to a pop-up carnival, and a recent double-feature episode was a reminder that libraries can be scary.

You Can See Me in the Dark

Listen to ‘You Can See Me in the Dark’

Melissa Sweazy and Nathan Reisman host the monthly series, “You Can See Me in the Dark.” Episodes share ghost stories, and you’ll hear about Ouija Board experiences, a questionable antique, and the scary hallway outside your room. In another episode, tune in to find out why one should not venture into the fields at night. Stream over 40 episodes running less than 30 minutes on average.

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