Odd Pod: ‘Can I Pet Your Dog?’ is the perfect mixed breed of comedy, dogs, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda

Comedy January 5, 2022
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Maybe we should classify this as more of a “Hyper-Specific Pod,” but even then, we would be wrong! Because “Can I Pet Your Dog?” is just a fantastically happy and hilarious podcast. While technically hosts Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston are discussing dogs they’ve met this week, talking to people about their dogs, and sharing what’s new in their own dogs’ universes, “Can I Pet Your Dog?” is really just filling listeners’ days with joy.

Since 2015, Renee and Alexis have been rays of sunshine on over 330 episodes of this Maximum Fun podcast. Episodes are just 35 minutes long, filled with “My Favorite Murder“-esque banter (but PG) and delightful dog stories featuring their own pups, Tugboat and Cricket. While Alexis has been the producer of this podcast for quite a while, she was preceded by host Allegra Ringo.

If you’re dog-obsessed, this podcast will make you feel more normal than ever, and if you’re just looking for a podcast to give you a new lease on life, this podcast aims to please. There’s truly nothing like listening to people gush about their pets; asking about pets is the only surefire icebreaker in any situation. Our two hosts take their jobs very seriously, too, even going out on assignment to dog events in order to report back to us like it’s the nightly breaking news.

For approximately one minute per episode, Renee and Alexis have listeners record and submit one-minute anecdotes about their own pooches. While it originally started off at just the Mutt Minute, in which one of the hosts would be assigned the task of educating listeners on a singular dog breed in under 60 seconds, there’s only so many breeds. When you’re getting down to it, there has to be more similarities than obvious differences between Australian Cattle Dogs and the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs.

Now, you can quickly hear about all of the dogs people have owned throughout their lives (some people have owned so many at once), or more specific stories about elderly beagles who seem to be defying the laws of aging.

The two have a natural chemistry that translates into pure jubilation and hilarity through the RSS feed. The show often ends up being educational, too, even if it’s just Alexis suggesting to Renee that she get Tugboat some slippers so when he kicks her in the head while cuddling, it will soften the blow. But the two have talked to professional dog groomers, vets, and even Nicole Byer and Lin-Manuel Miranda in their earliest episodes! So, uh, if those two aren’t enough to convince you to take a listen, we’re writing you off as a lost cause.

So check out Podsauce’s Odd Pod of the week in “Can I Pet Your Dog?” Because who would say no to that?

Listen to ‘Can I Pet Your Dog?’

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