A satanic celebrity? Kidnapped monkeys? Can you ‘Name That News?’ Play along with Zach Clark and Mark Menard on this compelling quiz show

News February 15, 2023
Listen to ‘Name That News’

Hop, skip, and jump through the week’s latest stories on “Name That News,” a new series from Audacy. You might be stumped by hosts Zach Clark and Mark Menard as you’re playing along, multiple-choice style, and hearing what’s happening along the way. Episodes play some of the week’s fascinating, intriguing, and most memorable clips, challenging each other to “Name That News.”

Start the series from the most recent episode for current news and events. Short and sweet episodes clock in under ten minutes each. The host say the series “might change your life in the way that sugary cereals are part of a balanced breakfast, as long as you include a fully-balanced breakfast on the side.” So grab a side of grapefruit, some supplements, and tune in.

What do mystery substances, kidnapped monkeys, and a satanic celebrity named Tom have in common? These are the kinds of questions the hosts are diving into on the first episode. They’re also questioning what some cookies and gummies were laced with at a school? Or were they stolen? Why did the students face disciplinary action? Unfortunately, some of the students were rushed to the hospital in a scary turn of events.

In the first episode, also hear about a miracle substance used to treat pain and how people are using it. It’s the extract of a tree in Southeast Asia that has sedative effects, too.

The hosts listened to a clip from the wacky news podcast “Something Offbeat” about a monkey heist and how the offender brought them on the public transit system. The hosts were awestruck by the story of a lady found alive after she was pronounced dead and already brought to the funeral home.

We recommend this series for fans of “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” “Says You! – A Quiz Show for Lovers of Words, Culture, and History,” and “Go Fact Yourself.” Tune in for new episodes of “Name That News” on Audacy.

Listen to ‘Name That News’

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