Case Kenny shifts our mindfulness perspective in bite-sized episodes of ‘New Mindset, Who Dis?’

Health & Fitness March 15, 2022
New Mindset, Who Dis?
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Case Kenny‘s “New Mindset, Who Dis?” is a short, BS-free podcast meant to encourage mindfulness, find our true passion, and use reflection as a means for success and happiness. Case doesn’t prop himself up to be some expert on all things mental health and managing mindsets, but he’s been enlightening audiences with his practical thoughts on self-improvement, mindfulness, and a life well lived for years. Leave your comfort zone and lead life more purposefully with Case’s podcast.

“New Mindset, Who Dis?” has been going strong since its start in 2018 and is now closing in on a wild 400 episodes. Its bite-sized episodes are just 15 minutes long (with the occasional 25-minuter sneaking in there) and jam-packed with sage advice and mindful guidance. Episodes are released twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, which lets us start and end our week with a little bit of self-reflection.

Case is a writer, musician, and podcaster whose passion and drive for growth permeates all of his endeavors. He began his podcast in the summer of 2018 and has grown it to great heights, earning many accolades and millions of downloads. What makes Case and his podcast stand out in the mental health and wellness sphere is his flagrant authenticity and belief that he is no more enlightened than any of us. While his episodes are certainly well thought-out and thought-provoking, you can always tell that he is pulling from personal experience and has spent time meditating on everything he says.

“New Mindset, Who Dis?” is all about changing perspective. Without making us feel like we’re being lectured, Case encourages us to flip the camera on ourselves and look within. He recently recorded an episode about the concept of The One Who Got Away (what a great tune), and instead of seeing our lost love as a missed opportunity, we should consider that we are in fact the one who got away. Even if it was a right person/wrong time situation, we should think of ourselves as their loss instead of the other way around.

Case takes this idea of looking inward into all of his other teachings. Whether he is talking about closure and clarity, forgiving yourself, loneliness, the power of starting over, the pressure put on dating/not being single, saying no to one-sided relationships, or being ghosted, he challenges us to be kind to our ourselves. His episodes focus mainly on our relationship with ourselves and how that then affects our relationships with others.

Throughout “New Mindset, Who Dis?” Case doesn’t tout his beliefs to be law, but instead offers a third-person perspective that many of us need – especially if you are seeking relationship advice from a third-party source. Sometimes you need to end that “textationship,” but what if your friends are wrong and he’s actually a great guy? Case is here to knock some sense into us.

Every episode of “New Mindset, Who Dis?” is straight to the point and gives us new ideas to mull over and meditate on. There’s no fluff and no filler, just pure practicality. Be sure to check out Case’s podcast and his just-as-wise instagram @case.kenny.

Listen to ‘New Mindset, Who Dis?’

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