Catch up with Paris Hilton, Emily Hampshire, and more on ‘Queerified with Gigi Gorgeous & Mimi’

Society & Culture September 14, 2021
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Gigi hosts “Queerified” with her BFF Mimi (aka Marc Lamentac) to speak with guests and allies from the LGBTQIA+ community. Since June 2021, so many inspirational and talented guests have appeared on the show – a safe and welcoming space for all to share their journeys. Each episode is an empowering listen.

Gigi Gorgeous started posting makeup tutorial videos to YouTube in 2008. As Gigi transitioned, she began posting more vlogs, fashion, and lifestyle content. She is also known for her activist work, and has made dozens of television appearances. Gigi recently released her memoir, HE SAID, SHE SAID: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey.

Actress, singer, DJ, activist, and businesswoman Paris Hilton recently spoke with Gigi and Mimi about her advocation and love for the LGBT+ community. That’s hot! When Gigi asked Paris when she realized she was a gay icon, she said she’s known forever. Before The Simple Life, she moved to New York and lived the club kid lifestyle. She’d spend time chilling with David LaChapelle and partied with Amanda Lepore and co.

Paris said she loves how unapologetic the community is. Gigi spoke about hanging out with Amanda in New York, too. When they had dinner together, Gigi had one of her first trans realizations — Amanda had a feeling Gigi was about to transition, and it was a real “lightbulb moment” for her.

Gigi loves watching Paris’s mom, Kathy Hilton, on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s hilarious and known for her ridiculously iconic moments like ordering a “regular Coke” at dinner. Gigi said how Paris and her mom resemble each other greatly.

Paris spoke about her fiancé and wedding preparations over the last few months. Paris, Gigi, and Mimi shared what they learned about themselves during the pandemic. Paris has been reflecting on her priorities and is learning not to have FOMO. Gigi agreed! The only advice she’d tell herself if she knew the pandemic was happening would be to party more before lockdown.

Paris also chatted about her Netflix show, Cooking with Paris. She likened it to The Simple Life set in a kitchen. And she discussed her past trauma as shared in her YouTube Original movie.

On another recent episode, Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire spoke about coming out as pansexual. We also hear that Emily was almost Gigi’s sister-in-law! They reminisce since they’re such old friends.

“Queerified” is a Ramble and Cadence13 production. New episodes are posted weekly.

Listen to ‘Queerified’

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