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Sports September 12, 2021
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NBC Olympics’ “On Her Turf” is an inspiring sports podcast which covered this summer’s incredible and intense Tokyo Olympics. Each episode speaks with female athletes and male allies who have changed the game. We’ll hear about athletes’ triumphs and tribulations as they compete and achieve their dreams. The rotating hosts also interview experts like doctors and coaches to speak about their roles in and support of athletics.

The last episode rounded up its favorite discussions from two weeks-worth of Olympic reporting. Hosts Lindsay Czarniak, Lolo Jones, and MJ Acosta-Ruiz recapped their conversation with Olympic Shot Putter gold medalist, Michelle Carter. She spoke about her experience as a Black woman in and out of the sports arena.

Swimmer Simone Manuel expressed how proud she is about her performance and appreciates the hard work she’s put in along the way. Simone hopes her achievements motivate others and inspire stick-to-itiveness, even after dealing with failures. With Simone’s conversation, it’s the first time the hosts hear of overtraining syndrome, which she experienced. This refers to a point reached during training when the body struggles to recover from extreme exertion. Simone was experiencing more muscular soreness than usual, had trouble sleeping, saw her body and mood changing, and these factors affected her performance. As a result, she took three weeks off to rest before resuming her training. After her rest, she felt better and geared up for The Olympics. Simone also spoke about using social media to help others.

Dr. Natalie Brown was recently interviewed by hosts Lindsay and Lolo about the menstrual cycle’s impact on athletes‘ participation, performance, nutrition, sleep, and training. Dr. Brown spoke about her research – how nutrition can interact with symptoms experienced, such as inflammation, and what foods can help. This episode also featured a roundtable discussion about the Paralympics. Paralympic Swimmer Mallory Weggemann and 3-time Paralympic Volleyball athlete/ NBC analyst Kari Miller-Ortiz spoke about overcoming challenges and succeeding in sports.

While The Olympics have come to a close, listeners can hear “On Her Turf’s” archive of episodes.

Listen to ‘On Her Turf’

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