Celebrate Father’s Day with these 4 parenting podcasts for the modern dad

Kids & Family June 15, 2022

Celebrate Father’s Day with podcasts sharing relatable stories, thoughtful parenting advice, tools, inspiration, and more. Hear new dads Battle and Bennett talk about their kids and draw from their own experiences when offering tips on “#FATHERHOOD.”

Experts, authors, healers, media figures, creatives, and many more guests join “Dope Black Dads Podcast,” an insightful series for adults and prospective parents. “Mom and Dad are Fighting | Slate’s parenting show” unpacks topics for parenting all age groups.

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Listen to ‘#FATHERHOOD’

New dads Battle and Bennett share real stories on “#FATHERHOOD.” They’ll chat with experts, tackle different topics each episode, dole out advice, share inspiration for dads, and grow with their kids. A recent episode explored ways to talk to your kids about death. In another episode, Battle and Bennett talked about toddler tantrums, nap times, and a scary incident on the stairs.

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Dope Black Dads Podcast

Listen to ‘Dope Black Dads Podcast’

Marvyn Harrison hosts “Dope Black Dads Podcast,” an informative show for prospective parents or adults. You’ll hear from guests like authors, healers, media figures, creatives, and many more. Episodes break down masculinity, the Black experience, co-parenting, and what they’re watching on Netflix.

Author, broadcaster, and educator Jeffrey Boakye joined an episode to discuss race, masculinity, pop culture, and education and explained his book, I Heard What You Said. In another recent episode, Lanre Malaolu talked about being a Black actor, writing, his production of “SAMSKARA,” and using trauma for art.

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Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Listen to ‘Mom and Dad Are Fighting’

Slate Podcasts presents “Mom and Dad are Fighting,” a series sharing advice, parenting wins, and parenting fails to guide parents with kids of all ages. Jamilah Lemieux, Zak Rosen, and Elizabeth Newcamp answer listeners’ questions, chat with doctors and experts, and share insight.

Tune in to hear tips on creating optimal sleeping environments for kids, how to raise a future college athlete, and fielding endless questions fueled by kids’ endless curiosity. All episodes are less than 40 minutes on average.

The Podfathers

Listen to ‘The Podfathers’

Barstool Sports’ “The Podfathers” is a resource for parents filled with relatable stories, advice, personal experiences, humor, and more from hosts Clem, Large, and Uncle Chaps. This podcast is unlike other books, websites, and podcasts told “from a dude’s perspective.”

“The Podfathers” recently discussed what it’s like sending your kids to camp, getting ready for college, and bracing for the empty nest. The hosts also unpack their mailbag and answer fans’ questions.

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