Celebrate World Vegan Month with these 8 plant-powered podcasts

Health & Fitness November 3, 2022

Power to the plants this World Vegan Month! And to celebrate, Podsauce has cooked up a list of plant-based podcasts. Whether you’re celebrating the cornucopia of deliciousness the vegan diet has to offer or eager to learn more about plant-based nutrition, this list has you covered.

We’ve selected podcasts featuring favorite vegan celebs like Alicia Silverstone from “Clueless.” Listen to doctors, chefs, and nutritionists discuss health tips and meal advice. Hear from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods founders on their revolutionary products in two different podcast episodes. We’ll also hear from athletes discussing how they use plants to their advantage. Dig into the complete list below:

Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Listen to ‘Alicia Silverstone, Vegan Cheese’ on ‘Your Last Meal with Rachel Bell

“Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle” features famous people telling stories about the foods they love most. On this episode, author, actress, and vegan Alicia Silverstone spoke with Rachel about being vegan since 1998. She spoke about her love for animals, her dogs, and her vegan cookbook. Alicia discussed her healthy food cravings including seitan piccata, truffle pizza, and her favorite cheese shop in California, Vromage. Then, Rachel interviewed Vromage’s founder and inventor Youssef Fahour about creating perfect vegan cheese alternatives.

The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast

Listen to ‘The Rich Roll Podcast’

Endurance athlete and former entertainment lawyer Rich Roll shares wellness tips on his podcast. As a full-time nutrition and lifestyle advocate, Rich has written books including a vegan cookbook, The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes And Guidance For The Whole Family. In addition to hearing about the vegan diet, you’ll listen to Rich’s guests chat about about their plant-based lifestyles. Previous guests have included Russell Simmons, Joanne Molinaro, and NBA’s John Salley.

The Proof with Simon Hill

Listen to ‘The Proof with Simon Hill’

On this series, author and nutritionist Simon Hill “created a safe space to talk about nutrition without judgement” and wants listeners to learn more about food. In his series, Simon will speak with doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, athletes, and more about wellness and plant-based diets. They’ll tackle topics like nutrition during pregnancy, if plant-based meat is healthy, diabetes, the ethics of eating animals, just to name a few. New episodes are posted weekly.

Science Rules! with Bill Nye

Listen to ‘“Meat” the Man Who Wants to Destroy the Beef Industry’ on ‘Science Rules! with Bill Nye’

Pat Brown founded Impossible Foods, a revolutionary meat substitute brand. On this episode of “Science Rules! with Bill Nye,” Pat shares how animal agriculture impacts the environment, how we can trick our taste buds, and learn how this product used science to imitate meat. Pat is a scientist who invented the DNA microarray, and co-founded the Public Library of Science. Author Corey S. Powell joined this episode to discuss starting a vegetarian diet, slowly but surely. Corey and Bill ate Impossible Whoppers from Burger King before their chat. “Science Rules! with Bill Nye” is a Stitcher production.


Listen to ‘Beyond Meat’s Founder and CEO Ethan Brown on Building Beyond and a Plant-Based Future’ on ‘Ctrl-Alt-Meat’

The Jeremy Coller Foundation presents “Ctrl-Alt-Meat,” a business podcast about the global food system and how the future of food is shaping up. In October, 2021, Beyond Meat’s Founder and CEO Ethan Brown appeared on an episode to discuss creating plant-based alternatives that taste like the real thing. Before founding Beyond Meat, Ethan worked at the National Governor’s Center for Best Practices. He said by “simply switching from an animal-based protein to a plant-based protein, you can contribute to all four major issues: human health, climate, natural resources, and animal welfare.” 

No Meat Athlete Radio

Listen to ‘No Meat Athlete Radio’

Matt Fraier & Doug Hay share nutrition advice and tips for athletes sticking to a meatless diet. Episodes interview guests and doctors on topics like brain health, blood sugar, plant milks, and more. Professional hockey player Jacquie Pierri previously discussed how eating a plant-based diet impacts her playing. Guests have included Brendan Brazier, Dan Buettner, Heather Crosby, Leo Babauta, Pamela Fergusson, Rich Roll, and Rip Esselstyn, just to name a few. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

Vegan Hacks

Listen to ‘Vegan Hacks’

Jason Kartalian’s “Vegan Hacks” shares plant-based eats! Jason will review vegan restaurants, chat about new vegan products, and discuss the vegan lifestyle. Past covered McDonalds’ plan to test plant burgers, vegan egg alternatives, pumpkin spiced everything, vegan options at White Castle, and more.

How to Vegan

Listen to ‘How to Vegan’

Kristen Pound’s “How to Vegan” covers vegan food and lifestyle tips. Hear all about vegan food swaps, Kristen’s go-to brands for vegan cheese and meat alternatives, eating vegan in college dining halls, cooking basic meals in a dorm room, getting protein on a vegan diet, and more.


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