If you love ‘DISGRACELAND,’ Jake Brennan dives into A-list celebrities’ crimes and scandals on ‘BADLANDS: HOLLYWOODLAND’ podcast

Celebrity May 20, 2022

How did a serial killer get 15 minutes of fame on national TV smack dab in the midst of his killing spree? Which 1980s star escaped from jail and had a former Beatle negotiate his freedom? What happened to a former Disney queen when she started racking up arrests for a slew of charges including DUIs, transporting narcotics, theft, and cocaine use? Why did an A-lister’s father admit to assassinating JFK?

These are the wild kinds of infamous stories host Jake Brennan delivers on “BADLANDS: HOLLYWOODLAND,” a spin-off of Double Elvis’ “DISGRACELAND.” Hear about shocking true crimes, scandals, and misadventures of the rich and famous. Now in its 4th season, Brennan is highlighting Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and their questionable behavior in episodes less than 40 minutes on average.

Start season 4’s 10 episodes in any order with new episodes posted weekly. If you’re an Amazon Music listener, all new episodes are available to binge. Peruse the podcast’s full archive of over 30 episodes released since 2021.

Past episodes covered Marilyn Monroe, Robert Downey Jr. hitting rock bottom before Iron Man, The Black Dahlia Murder, Brittany Murphy’s untimely death, and more. Last season, we learned about Gianni Versace, Heath Ledger, and the Poltergeist film franchise’s “curse” where 4 of the film’s actors died in a 6-year period.

The first new episode this season focuses on Lindsay Lohan‘s life, arrest records, addiction, and spiral into chaos. Upcoming episodes will discuss Winona Ryder’s drowning situation, shoplifting designer goods, and getting connected to a kidnapping case.

Sean Penn was involved in a prison break, and in this episode, we’ll also hear about The Night Stalker and Penn’s relationship with Madonna. There’s another episode involving a serial killer, The Dating Game Killer, who used charm, persuasion, and was at-large while committing a string of crimes.

In the Judy Garland episode, hear about “Seconals, Benzedrine, and Dexedrine…Oh My.” There’s a 2-part Sharon Tate episode detailing drug use, organized crime, dangerous company, rape, and more leading to Tate’s murder by Charles Manson and his followers.

There’s an episode centering on Mickey Rourke’s crimes, the IRA, and method acting. Brennan dove into actor and playwright Woody Harrelson’s life, his relationship with his father, dealing with a contract killer, and JFK conspiracies. Robin Williams’ episode is titled “A Manic Mind at Breakneck Speed, an Addiction to Laughter, and the Devil’s Dandruff.”

For more podcasts from Brennan, check out “Dead and Gone,” “Blood on the Tracks,” “27 Club,” “Dear Young Rocker,” “Here Comes the Break,” and the true crime series “Armored.”

We’re tuning in to hear about “fame, fortune, and felonies” all season of “BADLANDS: HOLLYWOODLAND,” where “the bad can always get worse.”


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