New season of ‘Chameleon’ investigates relentless scam callers and tracks them down on ‘Chameleon: Scam Likely’

True Crime August 1, 2022
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From personal swindlers to high-stakes operations, scammers are becoming more sophisticated, siphoning money out of more victims’ pockets. “Chameleon: Scam Likely” details a scam call operation where everyday civilians handed over their savings and realized what was happening when it was too late.

Government officials stepped in to investigate a dodgy mob across many nations that evaded law enforcement for years. This series is hosted by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, who hit the ground running for the investigation.

Stream “Chameleon: Scam Likely” in order from the beginning with all episodes running less than 45 minutes each.

Department of Homeland Security investigators Dave and Kris began investigating, soon realizing the scenario was larger and more complex than they anticipated. Dave and Kris join Dylan, another investigator, to track scammers on the ground and get closer to the source, compiling enough intel over the years to bring them down.

In episode 3, we learn how the scammers hook workers when two young Indian men, Pawan and Jayesh, received a job offer – to make scam calls. They shared their experiences eventually turning on their bosses and reporting to American authorities.

In this series, we also learn how Dave, Dylan, and Kris found scammers to arrest. By episode 8, Yudhijit and the show’s producer, Johnny, headed to Ahmedabad, India to find the fugitives who got away.

Each “Chameleon” season covers a different story, and this season is a must-listen for true crime fans.

Last season, “Wild Boys” told Will and Tom Green’s story – two kids who seemingly appeared from the wilderness and weren’t who they said they were.

Season 2, “High Rollers,” went to Las Vegas to explore an undercover FBI investigation of a diet clinic.

The first season, “Hollywood Con Queen” located a scam artist who targeted Hollywood hopefuls and drained their wallets.

This series is presented by The Binge, Campside Media, and Sony Music Entertainment. Tune in weekly for new episodes through September.

Listen to ‘Chameleon: Scam Likely’

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