‘Chameleon: Wild Boys’ shares Will and Tom Green’s saga – two boys with an unbelievable story

True Crime January 31, 2022
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Campside Media presents “Chameleon: Wild Boys,” a true crime series now in its third season. This storyline takes listeners back to 2003 when two gaunt brothers, Will and Tom Green, emerged from the woods with claims of surviving treacherous conditions alone. They said they had lived in the wild for years. After arriving at Vernon, a small, Canadian town inside British Columbia, the community stepped up to help. But, they weren’t who they claimed to be.

Start “Chameleon: Wild Boys” from episode one in sequential order, because this story is not to be missed. Sam Mullins hosts this season, and we’ll hear from a variety of guests including the townspeople and folks who knew the Greens. This story hits close to home for Mullins, since Vernon is his hometown and he encountered the boys firsthand.

The first episode provides a disclaimer about the content of the series involving eating disorders, in case you’d like to avoid hearing about this subject matter. Episode one details the boys’ arrival and how they would camp out at the local Kal Lake General Store near the picturesque Kalamalka Lake. People in the tight-knit community were stumped by the boys’ almost-alien appearance and questioned their extensive loitering, unusual energy, and purchasing nothing but fruit. People questioned the real dynamic of their relationship, since they were never seen apart and the older brother appeared to have a “power” over his younger sibling.

Tami, a hockey mom, rallied with the community to assist the Greens and shares her story throughout the series. By episode two, people were starting to doubt the boys’ unbelievable tales, and a cop cross-examined them. He attempted to verify their identities, and Tami tried to keep them away from police. A media storm enveloped the town, and everyone was prying into the boys’ lives. The younger boy’s weight continued to drop, and he was apprehended and brought to the hospital against his will. Stay tuned this season to find out what their real story is.

Each season, “Chameleon” focuses on a different narrative. The first season traced the “Hollywood Con Queen,” a scam artist who targeted Hollywood hopefuls for years, draining their wallets and tanking their dreams. Season two, “Chameleon: High Rollers,” trekked to Las Vegas to share an undercover FBI’s investigation of a diet clinic.

Tune into “Chameleon: Wild Boys,” with episodes running under 40 minutes long, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Chameleon: Wild Boys’

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