Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz give a comedic take on current events on ‘The Brilliant Idiots’

Society & Culture March 28, 2022
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Join Charlamagne Tha God, Andrew Schulz, and a wide range of regular and irregular guests as they take us through the news of the week on “The Brilliant Idiots.” From current events to entertainment news to politics to race relations in America, “The Brilliant Idiots” explore the issues of the day through their comedic commentary.

Charlamagne and Schulz have been doing this whole podcasting thing since 2014 when the two were working together on MTV2’s Guy Code. While you may not be able to find many of those earliest episodes, the show is so topical that it makes sense to listen to the newest episodes first. Episodes are released weekly and can be anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes long.

Recently, they’ve been discussing Colin Kaepernick saying he still wants to play football, the Kardashian regime playing chess while Kanye plays checkers, and even had a visit from Podsauce fav Van Lathan to chat about a recent social media post. When it comes to Kaepernick, “The Brilliant Idiots” wonder if his recent social media post with a video of him training on the gridiron is actually about him wanting to return to the NFL, or if it’s almost a promotional stunt for his upcoming documentary. While the NFL has adamantly denied blackballing Kaepernick after sitting for the national anthem in 2016, Kaepernick certainly doesn’t believe that. But the guys are wondering if returning to the NFL is really a good move, especially given his past comments about how problematic the league is.

They obviously talked about Kim, Kanye, and Pete Davidson, because who isn’t? Apparently Pete was in talks to hitch a free ride on Jeff Bezos’ rocket to hurtle close to space, even though it’s their fellow Guy Code co-star and frequent podcast guest Lil Duvall who really wants to visit the outer edges of the planet. They discuss some of the Kardashians’ past relationships and how Kanye should’ve maybe studied up on how Kim (or, more accurately Kris) cuts ties. Like they said, chess versus checkers.

At the end of nearly every episode, the guys have a “Sh*t We Won’t Care About Next Week” and an “Ask An Idiot” segment. They give us a rundown of the news we may have missed and probably won’t ever hear about again before diving into questions that they try to explain. They answer their own questions around Daylight Saving Time, the new legislation that’ll make it permanent, and what that means, whether or not battle rap is an art form, and whether wanting to have more is based on elevation or just plain old greed.

“The Brilliant Idiots” are funny, endlessly entertaining, and not claiming to be experts. Every week, they keep us updated on current events from pop culture to political issues. Tune in to “The Brilliant Idiots” for a way to laugh through the news.

Listen to ‘The Brilliant Idiots’

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