‘Chasing Life’ host Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares how small steps lead to greater changes in this 10-minute episode

Health & Fitness January 12, 2022
Listen to ‘Small Steps. Big Rewards’ on ‘Chasing Life’

CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent and podcast host Dr. Sanjay Gupta kicked off 2022’s first new “Chasing Life” episode by asking listeners to share their plans to improve their lives this year, get healthier, and feel happier. Guests and experts joined Dr. Gupta throughout this 10-minute episode to share tips that encouraged listeners to set and stick to their goals, and that sometimes the first small step is all it takes to prioritize self-care and facilitate greater changes in the future.

In the first few minutes, we heard listeners’ goals in their own words, including fortifying structure in their lives, sticking to a schedule, seeking a professional diagnosis for ADHD, creating a more effective morning routine, and taking more naps.

Dr. Gupta revealed his daily routine during the pandemic, including morning jogs followed by heading to work in his home office. He started the podcast in 2020, offering science-based advice for folks post-quarantine and sharing info on topics like grit, pain, and managing anger. In this episode, Dr. Gupta explained how working from home became the new normal and blurred the balance between his work and home schedules. This year, Dr. Gupta explains that he, like many of the listeners who shared their goals on the show, are reevaluating daily routines.

Dr. Gupta recommends incorporating movement as much as you can during the day. In this episode, we’ll hear from personal trainer and P90X fitness program founder Tony Horton, who also discussed wellness on an episode in 2021. Nutritional psychiatrist and chef Dr. Uma Naidoo considers food as medicine and encouraged listeners to implement healthier foods to improve the body and mind. Psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Judson Brewer talked about breaking bad habits, like smoking, over time.

Other topics discussed on this episode include mindful living, meditation, giving yourself grace, mental health, and wellness.

Check out new, weekly episodes of “Chasing Life” in any order since they’re topic-specific. So far, the series has released 200 episodes and counting, and the average episode is under 30 minutes long. This series is brought to you by CNN.

Listen to ‘Small Steps. Big Rewards’ on ‘Chasing Life’

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