#MakeItRain: check in on your finances with these 10 money podcasts

round up August 18, 2021

In the film, Cabaret, Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey’s characters sing, “Money makes the world go round.” If you’re looking for a personal finance wellness check-in, these lyrics might hit home for you. Looking to acquire a more well-rounded knowledge base of the economy, stocks, and all-things finance? We’ve rounded up a list of shows for you to keep your finances rolling in the right direction.

Topping our list are guidance podcasts with advice on how to handle your wallet. We’ve included market overviews and news update podcasts with hosts who advise on bettering your financial game plan.

Planet Money

Listen to ‘Planet Money’

How can we tell if the economy is in a bubble? What happened during the 1970s period of inflation? NPR’s “Planet Money” is an informative resource for news about the economy and more. Reviewing significant events from history, as well as relaying info about our modern financial world, this podcast infuses humor and random facts with insight to present economics in an engaging manner.

financial feminist podcast artwork

Financial Feminist

Listen to ‘Financial Feminist’

Her First $100K releases weekly episodes to speak with women about how money impacts us differently. Hosted by entrepreneur, blogger, and educator Tori Dunlap, the podcast shares tools on how you can reach your first $100K while “fighting the patriarchy and becoming rich.” For example, topics include useful information on how to increase your credit score, how to live more sustainably, and financial self-care practices.

Yahoo Finance Daily

Listen to ‘Yahoo Finance Daily’

Yahoo Finance Daily is a source for your daily news briefings. In under 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself up to speed on the latest happenings in the economic world. Hosted by the Yahoo Finance’s reporters, listeners can hear about stocks, earnings, inflation, and housing data news.

The Indicator from Planet Money

Listen to ‘The Indicator’

By the same folks as “Planet Money” comes the spin-off show, “The Indicator.” The business-minded podcast provides info on the economy, technology, and current events. Episodes also look at questions such as if businesses should mandate COVID vaccines for employees. In episodes, we’ll learn about inflation, the Consumer Price Index, new finance laws, and technology.

How to Money

Listen to ‘How to Money’

iHeartPodcast Network’s personal finance podcast, “How to Money” provides advice for your money habits, reevaluating your finances in a positive way. Hosted by self-proclaimed economics nerds and BFFs Joel and Matt, the duo looks at topics like credit card perks you’re not yet using. They define money phrases, explain student loan information, share travel hacks, and delve into the psychology of money. In addition, Joel and Matt relay inviting advice on how to save and invest for the future.

Millennial Money

Listen to ‘Millennial Money’

Financial planner Shannah Compton Game hosts this self-improvement, financial-based podcast to share wisdom on money. When conveying advice on how to save better, create a side hustle, invest, and generate wealth, Shannah is known for her no-nonsense method. Although the title name-checks Millennials, this show is for all age groups.

The Ramsey Show

Listen to ‘The Ramsey Show’

Ramsey Network presents “The Ramsey Show,” where Dave and his co-hosts dish on subjects such as banking, debt, budgeting, and saving for retirement. Since 2005, this show takes on callers’ questions. The show shares a variety of resources to accompany each episode such as a debt calculator feature, a budgeting guide, and an insurance coverage checkup resource.

Motley Fool Money

Listen to ‘Motley Fool Money’

“Motley Fool Money” is an investing podcast detailing news updates, financial breakthroughs, and stock market readings. Host Chris Hill is joined by investment analysts and experts. Streaming services, Bezos in space, and big banks were recent hot topics of discussion.

Fintech Insider Podcast

Listen to ‘Fintech Insider Podcast’

Amy Gavin and Sarah Kocianski cover financial news, banking, and technology. This show, by 11:FS, has a rotating roster of additional co-hosts including Jason Bates, Leda Glyptis, David Brear, and Simon Taylor. The bi-weekly episodes feature experts and special guests. Recent episodes investigate cryptocurrency, the underserved gig economy, and how tech and culture will shape the future of economics. Guests like Ali Niknam are interviewed about industry trends, APIs, AI, and ways financial services are changing.

The Personal Finance Podcast

Listen to ‘The Personal Finance Podcast’

Andrew Giancola hosts “The Personal Finance Podcast” to share his financial strategies, tips for investing, and business techniques. In addition, Andrew shares useful information about real estate investing, stocks, side hustling, and maximizing passive income.

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