Fantasy football fan? Check out ‘Establish the Run’ with Adam Levitan & Evan Silva

Sports November 11, 2021
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“Establish the Run” is a fantasy football podcast hosted by experts Adam Levitan and Evan Silva each week. Episodes cover all things fantasy football, prop betting, sports betting, and more. Podsauce has been following fantasy football this season. Adam and Evan want to help listeners win with their fantasy football picks, sharing matchups, market analysis, and behind-the-scenes takes where any player is up for consideration.

The hosts are joined by special guests such as ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal, DFS folks, and gambling experts. Adam is an “Establish the Run” co-founder who previously worked at DraftKings and won many Fantasy Sports Writers Association awards for his Rotoworld work. Evan was Rotoworld’s editor for 12 years, analyzing the market and winning awards for his Matchups Column that examined plays from the week.

The “Establish the Run” website also posts resources such as articles breaking down plays and bets, prop plan overviews, lineup reviews, and more. “Establish the Run” posts video versions of the podcast to its YouTube channel.

On this podcast, Evan and Adam recently presented week 9 and week 10 betting previews for the NFL. They debated who should receive the Defensive Player of the Year Award. The hosts also broadcasted AFC and NFC team-by-team recaps and answered listeners’ questions.

“Establish the Run” was recommended to Podsauce by “You Better You Bet” hosts Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley. They cover sports and sports betting on their podcast and enjoy listening to other sports shows, such as “Establish the Run” and “What Happened When.”

“Establish the Run” also airs NBA versions in a separate podcast and the brand publishes additional sports shows: “Establish the Edge Fantasy Football” and “Establish the Collection.” They have released over 250 episodes since it started in 2019.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Establish the Run’

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