Binged season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’ too fast? Check out these 6 ‘Bridgerton’ podcasts to fill the void

TV & Film March 30, 2022

Oh no! Did you finish the second season of Bridgerton too fast? Netflix’s horniest non-reality television series came back again last weekend with even more iconic outfits and string quartet-pop song covers. And if you’re someone who binged season 2 in just one weekend and are looking for more Bridgerton content to get your fill, then look no further than this round-up. We’ve gathered all of the best Bridgerton podcasts in one spot.

We have some officially official podcasts all about the first season (in case you missed the boat the first time around), hilarious recap podcasts like “The Bridgerton Bros” (yes, men love Bridgerton, too), and podcasts diving into the books the series was based on. Follow along television’s sexiest phenomenon with these Bridgerton podcasts.

The Bridgerton Bros

Listen to ‘The Bridgerton Bros’

To all the men who can’t get enough Bridgerton, you’re not alone. Comedian Kevin McCaffrey and comedy writer Jon Daly are best friends of 20 years and undoubtedly Bridgerton super fans. Together, they hosts their podcast “The Bridgerton Bros” where they boozily dive into the frills, fervor, and filth of this Regency Era show. If you like steamy sexy television narrated by Julie Andrews and laughing out loud, “The Bridgerton Bros” are for you.

Bridgerton: A Post Show Recap

Listen to ‘Bridgerton: A Post Show Recap’

Post Show Recaps is coming in hot with their Bridgerton series. The Shondaland show brings out the most hilarious takes from our four hosts, Kirsten MacInnis, Geneva Guadalupe, Sasha Joseph, and Sarah Carradine, and their chemistry is never lacking. They also wrapped up a Bridgerton season 1 recap just before this second season premiered, so be sure to catch up!

The Prestige TV Podcast

The Prestige TV Podcast

Listen to ‘The Prestige TV Podcast’

You know that the Ringer’s “The Prestige TV Podcast” is all over this second season of Bridgerton. Juliet and Jodi are breaking down the entire season in just two episodes, diving deep into the story to offer critiques on plot, character development, and whether or not they’d do it in a gazebo.

Bridgerton: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘Bridgerton: The Official Podcast’

We aren’t sure whether “Bridgerton: The Official Podcast” will be back for round two, but regardless, it is well worth a listen! This podcast is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most-watched series in the Netflix’s history. Filled with interviews from actors, producers, costume designers, author Julia Quinn, and even Shonda Rhimes herself, this podcast can’t be missed.

Bridgerton Fancast

Listen to ‘Bridgerton Fancast’

Did you know that Bridgerton is actually based on a book series?! You probably did, just thought we’d reiterate. On “Bridgerton Fancast,” hosts Rita and Michelle discuss one episode per week all while providing insight from The Duke And I and now The Viscount Who Loved Me. The two provide differing perspectives as well, with Rita having read the books and Michelle having only seen the show. Don’t miss out on this fantastic podcast if you’re on the hunt for more Bridgerton to indulge in!

Burning For Bridgerton

Listen to ‘Burning For Bridgerton’

From the Basic Moms Media network, “Burning For Bridgerton” is here to over-analyze the show like any good Bridgerton fan. Hosts Claire and Julie offer a succinct breakdown of the entire first season before diving right into the first episode of season two. Will the Viscount take a wife? Will the Duke maybe make a small cameo? If anyone is going to give you all the details, it’s “Burning For Bridgerton.”

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