‘You can’t see me:’ No, really – but you can hear John Cena on these 5 podcast episodes discussing HBO’s ‘Peacemaker’ and more

Celebrity May 9, 2022

John Cena’s notorious catchphrase has gotten the royal meme treatment over the years and coincidentally works if we’re talking about Cena’s podcast appearances. We’ve rounded up 5 podcasts all about the actor, WWE star, and professional wrestling champion, who has also written books, rapped, and granted over 600 wishes to kids through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

There’s an official Peacemaker companion podcast from HBO, a series where Cena stars as the titular character. Tune in for interviews with cast and crew, and Cena joined the podcast’s 7th episode. Also on our list, Cena discusses his return to the WWE, the similarities between his acting and wrestling career, his definition of success, and more.

Podly the Peacemaker Podcast art

Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast

Listen to ‘Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast’

Ify Nwadiwe and Fiona Nova lead HBO Max’s fan-driven bonanza, “Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast.” They’re recapping the show’s most awesome adventures, LOL-worthy moments, and chatting with cast and creatives. For an interview with John Cena, check out episode 7. Other guests include the show’s creator/writer/director/executive producer James Gunn, Freddie Stroma (who plays Vigilante), and more.

Happy Sad Confused

Happy Sad Confused

Listen to ‘Happy Sad Confused’

Josh Horowitz nerds out with actors, filmmakers, and creatives on “Happy Sad Confused.” When Cena stopped by an episode, the two made plans for a future ice cream adventure. Cena shared what it was like to collaborate with James Gunn, some superhero films he missed, and more.  

Id10t with Chris Hardwick

Listen to ‘John Cena Returns!’ on ‘Id10t with Chris Hardwick’

This 64-minute episode is the second time Cena joined “Id10t with Chris Hardwick,” and we totally recommend both episodes. Cena and Hardwick chatted about setting goals, defining success, the different kinds of Hulks, and how Cena keeps up with his non-stop schedule. Cena also talked about returning to the WWE, Peacemaker, and The Suicide Squad.

The Dan Patrick Show

Listen to ‘John Cena Eats Two Mark Wahlbergs’ on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’

John Cena stopped by “The Dan Patrick Show” to chat about the hilarious Trainwreck scene where Cena and Amy Schumer’s characters are at the movie theater, and he gets into a spat with another movie-goer sitting behind them. Cena shared how much of this scene was improvised, his favorite lines from the film, the surprising inspiration for Steven’s character, Mark Wahlberg comparisons, and why the film’s sex scene was awkward.

Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist

Listen to John Cena on ‘Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist’

In this wide-ranging, 55-minute interview from 2019, Cena discussed his children’s book and his lifelong motivational motto, “Never Give Up.” He also shared about going beyond his signature move titled the “attitude adjustment” and more.

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