Calling all Japanophiles! ‘Abroad in Japan’ shares cultural info, travel tips, food recs, and more with hosts Chris Broad and Pete Donaldson

Society & Culture November 10, 2021
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Chris Broad moved to Japan in 2012 to teach English, and shares his experiences and recommendations on Stak’s podcast, “Abroad in Japan,” co-hosted by broadcaster Pete Donaldson. Chris’ podcast is the audio version of his YouTube series by the same name. This series calls all Japanophiles to learn about the culture, cuisine, and more, additionally helping you plan your future trip with tons of travel tips.

When Chris arrived in Japan, he wanted to resurrect his filmmaking dream and record his travels with a YouTube channel. Since Chris’ beginnings, the podcast and YouTube channel have released over 200 episodes and “Abroad in Japan,” has risen as a go-to resource for everything Japan. In 2014, Chris first went viral with his YouTube video that taught his students to swear. After ending his teaching role in 2015, he continued with the channel, and went viral in 2016 after visiting a Love Hotel. Chris’ content continued to gain recognition, and he presented at a TED Talk at Tohoku University in 2017.

Among Chris’ memorable travels, he almost froze to death on Mount Fuji in 2013, biked 2,000 kilometers across the country in 2018, and continues to have a fondness for convenience store fried chicken. Besides Chris’ favorite snacks, there’s always more to report on in Japan. Portions of “Abroad in Japan” are devoted to answering listeners’ questions, and sharing their stories.

The hosts have episodes on reported UFO sightings, strange animal encounters, why you should avoid sushi and alcohol, the Tokyo robot cafe, Japan’s least stressful city, and more. An episode explores the time a Russian man swam to Japan. Listeners hear about radioactive wild boars on the loose in Fukushima. Learn why writing kanji isn’t an important skill for everyday life in Japan. And how a Japanese woman managed to live unnoticed in a guy’s closet for a year.

In a recent episode, Chris and Pete wondered when and if Japan is going to reopen its borders. The hosts explored why Japanese blind date parties are popular. They recently analyzed if there are any foods rice does not pair well with.

If you’re thinking about traveling in the future, Chris and Pete recommended taking the midnight Tokyo train that’s cheaper than a hotel. They discussed if they’ve ever experienced a volcanic eruption and why Kyoto Ramen has banned YouTubers from its shop. Ever wonder what the most haunted hotel in Kyoto is? Yep, there’s an episode for that.

In addition to “Abroad in Japan’s” podcast and YouTube channel, Chris’ website helps future travelers plan their visit with recommendations. An example episode is titled: “Why You Should Travel Japan on $1,000 a Week.” They rank the best and worst places to live in Tokyo.

Besides radio broadcasting, Pete also co-hosts the podcasts “The Football Ramble,” “Wrestle Me,” and “The Luke and Pete Show.”

To learn more, tune in for new, semiweekly episodes of “Abroad in Japan.”

Listen to ‘Abroad in Japan’

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