An apocalyptic adventure, sci-fi horrors, and more: 10 cinematic podcasts fit for the silver screen

round up February 13, 2023

We’ve rounded up 10 podcasts that would seamlessly translate on screen. From fascinating storylines, to compelling characters, excellent narration, and superb world-building, these podcasts run across many genres.

Some are sci-fi, a few are horror-filled, and one is an apocalyptic adventure. We’ve included a true crime podcast that changed the way murders are investigated. There are a few spooky stories dealing with the paranormal, too. Grab some popcorn, your favorite headphones, and tune into these podcasts fit for the silver screen.

Old Gods of Appalachia image

Old Gods of Appalachia

Listen to ‘Old Gods of Appalachia’

DeepNerd Media’s “Old Gods of Appalachia” is a dark sci-fi podcast set in the mountains, deep in Appalachia where digging in mines led to unleashed madness, bloodshed, and horrors. Check out over 30 episodes spanning 3 seasons inspired by history, folklore, and classic anthology horror series. The narration and storytelling would 10/10 work well on-screen.

Ghostwriter podcast art


Listen to ‘Ghostwriter’

We love a great podcast movie, and “Ghostwriter” delivers to the fullest degree! This C13Features psychological drama stars Kate Mara and Adam Scott where their characters toe the line of reality. Kate’s character accepts a gig ghostwriting an eccentric billionaire’s murder mystery novel, and so many questions arise. Is the billionaire’s story actually fiction? This scary and suspenseful tale will have you at the edge of your seat. To hear more from Kate and Adam, check out their interview with Podsauce.

Welcome to Night Vale image

Welcome to Night Vale

Listen to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’

Night Vale Presents “Welcome to Night Vale,” a bimonthly sci-fi radio transmission delivering community updates from a small desert town. In Night Vale, absurdism rules, conspiracy theories are true, and the Sheriff is surrounded by a secret service. What’s the deal with those shuffling hooded figures? How about those lights in the sky at night? This series has been going strong with over 250 episodes since 2012. There are recurring characters and story threads throughout, like a fictional TV show, but feel free to stream the podcast in any order.

The Left Right Game image

The Left Right Game

Listen to ‘The Left Right Game’

QCODE’s “The Left Right Game” is a 10-episode fictional adventure series grappling with the paranormal and the vast unknown. When a journalist (voiced by Tessa Thompson) follows paranormal explorers playing something called The Left/Right Game, the experiences transport her to a supernatural world that nobody had prepared for. Will they survive?

Impact Winter podcast art

Impact Winter

Listen to ‘Impact Winter’

Audible Originals’ “Impact Winter” is by The Walking Dead‘s executive producers and Travis Beacham, writer of Pacific Rim. The apocalyptic story picks up 7 years after a comet struck earth, hid the sun, and the world froze over. Beast-like creatures roam freely and residents fear vampires and wonder how long they can possibly survive. In Britain, survivors band together and huddle inside a medieval castle’s fallout shelter. Listeners meet Darcy, a vampire hunter battling on the front lines, and her sister, Hope, sheltering in place. 12 episodes are now streaming, and you might be itching for a second season after binge-listening.

Bear Brook image

Bear Brook

Listen to ‘Bear Brook’

“Bear Brook,” hosted by Jason Moon, dove into a cold case that changed how murders are investigated. This New Hampshire Public Radio series chronicles the case, how it was solved, and explores new DNA techniques that were used. In New Hampshire’s Bear Brook State Park, two bodies were found inside a barrel in 1985. In 2005, two additional bodies were found. From the initial research combed through, to the hours spent investigating, and the breakthroughs that followed, this true saga is more than enough material to adapt beyond the 20/20 episode that featured this story.

Bubble image


Listen to ‘Bubble’

Get ready to roll on the floor with’s “Bubble,” a comedy series set in a corporate utopia called Fairhaven. There are goblins, monster killers strapped for cash, workers navigating the gig economy, and folks trying to find love. This series stars Alison Becker (Parks and Recreation), Keith Powell (30 Rock), Cristela Alonzo (Cristela), Eliza Skinner (The Late Late Show), and Mike Mitchell (Love). Additional characters are voiced by Judy Greer, John Hodgman, Martin Starr, Paul F. Tompkins, and more.

Treat podcast art


Listen to ‘Treat’

Kiernan Shipka stars in “Treat,” a terrifying, fictional podcast movie set in an idyllic small community with dark secrets. One Halloween night, unpopular teen Allie West discovers the evil Piper’s hold on the town. Allie realizes she and her brother are the only ones ready to save their town. We learn Piper lures kids into a creepy Halloween bus as part of a pact he made long ago, a promise that now threatens everyone’s safety.

Borrasca image


Listen to ‘Borrasca’

In QCODE’s “Borrasca,” Sam Walker is new in town and befriends Kyle and Kimber. Sam’s sister Whitney disappears and the case went unsolved for 5 years. More and more people went missing and the 3 kids launched an investigation. They traced the missing’s final steps and looked for clues, connecting the dots to a mountain outside of Drisking, Missouri. This series stars Cole Sprouse and season 2 will drop later this year.

Bridgewater image


Listen to ‘Bridgewater’

Jeremy Bradshaw, a folklore professor, finds himself knee-deep in a disappearing persons case. In 1980, his police officer father, Thomas, went missing – now he’s gotten ahold of new evidence. Jeremy is helped by his father’s former partner, Detective Anne Becker, and tracks more clues to clarify his father’s fate. Did he join a Satanic cult in the Bridgewater Triangle or was something more sinister at play?

Grim & Mild’s “Bridgewater” is created by Aaron Mahnke, host of “Lore,” “Cabinet of Curiosities,” and more great series. The series is also written/directed by Lauren Shippen, whose credits include “The AM Archives,” “Passenger List,” and “MARVELS.”

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