If Vine and YouTube haven’t given you enough of comedy duo Cody Ko and Noel Miller, listen to their ‘The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’

Comedy May 10, 2022
Listen to ‘The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’

In case you haven’t heard of the overwhelmingly popular Tiny Meat Gang and their podcast, let us introduce you to Cody Ko and Noel Miller. While their podcast did win a Shorty Award for Best Podcast of 2019, the two are actually known for their YouTube channel and music. Both Cody and Noel became popular on Vine before moving to YouTube where they began releasing music in 2017 as a comedy rap duo named none other than Tiny Meat Gang.

Since then, the two have become the pinnacle of sketch comedy and commentary on social media and streaming platforms. They released their first EP Bangers & Ass at the end of 2017 and released their first full album Locals Only in 2018. But the two have expanded far beyond music: they have over one million subscribers on their YouTube channel and their podcast has nearly 30,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts.

Tune in on Wednesdays for new episodes of “The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast.” Their archive of over 240 episodes can be streamed in any order, and episodes are just 75 minutes long. While they sometimes tend to talk about more topical subjects, they mainly just work to make each other laugh.

Maybe you’re into microwaved delicacies, maybe you want to hear about the TikToker that stole a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, or maybe you just want an endless stream of entertainment to fill your waking days. Well, “The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” does all of the above. For five years, they have been ruminating on anything and everything, pondering life’s greatest questions that not many other people are pondering.

They’ve also had on a wide array of guests. They’ve spoken with millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk about his dream to buy the New York Jets and also had on Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff so Cody could apologize for lying to Jared in Mexico. They’ve also had on fellow TMG Studios podcasters Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa of “Trillionaire Mindset” and Brooke Averick and Connor Wood of “Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast.” There’s lots of talk about NFTs, pop culture, what’s hot on streaming platforms, and so much more.

The two have an endless supply of merch and an endless supply of hilarity that have kept audiences coming back for years. They also have bonus episodes on their Patreon in case their nearly 250 episodes of “The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” aren’t enough. Be sure to check out “The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” on the off-chance that you’ve never taken a listen before.

Listen to ‘The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast’

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