Cozy up to the holiday season with these 7 cooking podcasts

Food November 9, 2021

We are sliding into our comfiest slippers and coziest sweatshirts as November comes hurtling around the corner at a breakneck speed. Whether you’re looking forward to winter or not, it’s coming. And while it may be cold outside, we’ll keep it warm in here with these cozy cooking podcasts.

No matter if you’re looking for Thanksgiving dinner inspiration, recipes to up your cookie-game, or a foodie world-tour of any cuisine you can think of, these six podcasts have got you covered. Bundle up and break out the crockpot, we’re getting ready for the coziest hibernation ever.

Cooking Up A Storm with Al Roker

Listen to ‘Cooking Up A Storm with Al Roker’

America’s favorite weatherman is back on line with the new podcast “Cooking Up A Storm.” Whether (hah!) it’s brussel sprouts, cornbread, turkey or cranberry wojape, Al Roker is getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast of a lifetime. Learn to cook from award-winning bakers, chefs, and restaurateurs. Find recipes or inspiration for the holiday from the newest of cozy cooking podcasts with “Cooking up A Storm with Al Roker.”

Food Network Obsessed

Listen to ‘Food Network Obsessed’

Are you “Food Network Obsessed?” Jaymee Sire is sitting down with Food Network stars and chefs to talk all things delicious in the world of food and discuss the hottest new shows on the channel. Learn the trick to cook a perfect cookie, or learn about “The Flavor Laws” on this cozy cooking podcast.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio

Listen to ‘Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio’

“Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio” travels the world see how food and cooking are integral parts of every culture. Learn Southern baking, the long history of veganism in the Black community, the modernization of pizza and more with this homey-yet-worldly cooking podcast.

The Sporkful

Listen to ‘The Sporkful’

“The Sporkful” is a podcast for eaters. If you consider yourself food-obsessed, then Dan Pashman is right there with you. He’s obsessed with learning about people through food, people like Patti Labelle and her multiple cookbooks, Stanley Tucci and his martini kit, and even Padma Lakshmi on basically her entire career.


Listen to ‘Homemade’

Hosts Sabrina Medora, a national food writer and hospitality industry insider, and Martie Duncan, author and Next Food Network Star finalist, are looking for memories and traditions behind people’s favorite foods. Hear from chefs from all walks of life as they talk about the food that takes them back home to the family in “Homemade.”

Bon Appétit Food People

Listen to ‘Bon Appétit Food People’

Every week, BA’s editorial director Amanda Shapiro is asking the weird questions about the food we eat and how we make it. Whether it’s FoodTok (a subsection of TikTok that can be a grab bag of good recipes and cooking catastrophes) or how air fryers work, you’ll find that “Bon Appétit Food People” is by foodies, for foodies.


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