‘Crime Scene Queens’ and forensic experts Laura Zinn and Shelly Haight are sharing what really happens behind the scenes

True Crime August 31, 2022
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Real life forensic experts Laura Zinn and Shelly Haight are “Crime Scene Queens” here “to curb the CSI effect” and share what really happens at the scene. Each episode, buckle up for factual banter about true crimes, debunking preconceived ideas about forensics, and sharing firsthand stories from working a slew of cases in weekly episodes.

Stream the series in any order with all episodes running less than an hour on average. To learn more about the co-hosts’ backgrounds, start from episode 1. As a professor of Crime Scene Investigation, Laura once studied nursing and helped patients before moving on to work with the dead. Shelly works in the legal field and was a forensic fan years before she began volunteering to work at crime scenes and taught classes. On episode 1, the duo shared memories from working their first crime scenes and what it was like for Laura to experience her first death.

On another episode, Laura and Shelly explained adipocere crime scenes where human bodies turn into cottage cheese-like soap. Listeners will learn about crime scene fundamentals like Whataburger evidence number tents, Laura’s 5-10 rule, and more insiders’ scoop.

CSIs do not remove bodies from crime scenes or cut them open. Did you know there are 8 steps to follow for autopsies? This episode digs deep into the science, topics like degloving, bodysnatchers, and autopsy site odors.

In an episode all about DNA, Laura and Shelly share truths about testing and how long it takes for results. They explain what this information reveals and how authorities use it.

QCODE Media’s “Crime Scene Queens” is an informative series we’d recommend for true crime fans wanting to learn more about forensics and how crime scenes are handled. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Crime Scene Queens’

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