‘Crown Jewels’ spills the Royal tea on some of the world’s most fascinating families

News January 14, 2023
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Betches Media presents “Crown Jewels,” a new podcast for anyone obsessed with the royals. Hosts Samantha Bush and Lex Niko share updates from Royals across the globe and dig into some of the world’s most fascinating family members. They’re unpacking the drama, Royal pop culture news, and spilling some Royal tea in weekly episodes.

Fans of “Royally Obsessed” and Betches podcasts like “Diet Starts Tomorrow” might also enjoy “Crown Jewels.” The co-hosts love to laugh throughout episodes and will certainly share your fandom if you are absolutely royally obsessed, too.

Recent episodes dove into the Harry and Meghan docuseries on Netflix, if abdicating is considered trendy in the 21st century, and Meghan Markle’s possible return to social media. The hosts ranted about Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and how this caused him to lose his tax-payer-funded armed guards.

Bush and Niko unpacked The Crown’s fifth season in an episode. They examined how the actors’ performance matched up with their characters, the detailed writing, and the fashion. Diana was a major part of the story, and the hosts could not wait to dig into it in this episode. They also named their favorite performances from this season, the best episode in their opinion, and how accurate the casting was.

There’s an episode on Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, and the unexpected leak before its release. Niko shared her reaction to the alleged situation involving William, pushing his brother in 2019, and the confrontation. In another episode, hear about the Bravo Cinematic Universe x Royal crossover, Kate’s green meme dress, and Susan Hussey’s racism.

Episodes have recurring segments including Tea and Crumpets, the game Mail or Fail, and Spotted D*ck of the week.

Bush also hosts the podcasts “Betches Brides” and “Hot Off the Mess.”

Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Crown Jewels.”

Listen to ‘Crown Jewels’

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