‘Cultureverse’ is where myths and legends come alive for kids

Kids & Family December 2, 2021
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“Cultureverse” is an immersive audio experience for kids and families, not only teaching the lessons that are the basis of myths and legends, but introducing kids to cultures from around the world. Recommended to us from “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo, who hosts her new podcast “Tell Me,” it’s full of stories of children embarking on adventures, finding out who they are.

Episodes of “Cultureverse” don’t have to be listened to in any particular order; in each episode, characters encounter a new creature, myth, or folk character from their culture. And with episodes only being 20 minutes, it’s easy to keep kids intrigued with the fast-paced stories.

Every episode is a journey of self discovery for the characters. Each episode, we are introduced to a new cast of children, whose parents come from countries and cultures across the world. The characters encounter a new creature, myth, or folk character from their own culture, wondering how they encountered these monsters and what it could mean if they are seeing them.

When Winston sneaks off to go camping with his friends, he regales his friends with the myth of the duppies that his Jamaican mother would often tell him. A creature from African folklore more commonly used in the Caribbean, including Barbados and Jamaica, they are malevolent spirits, the most famous known as the Rolling Calf. The creature is said to have chains around its body, so you will always hear it coming in the dark. The Rolling Calf only goes after people who have committed a wrongdoing, so when it comes after Winston, he wonders what he could have possibly done to set off the duppy.

Hear about the Water Dragon, the most revered creature in the Chinese Zodiac, and the story of The Deluge, a Cherokee myth of a man and his dog. Hear the story of Juan Bobo, the wise fool, and the Loyal Mongoose from an ancient Indian tale of the same name.

In a celebration of cultures and who we are, “Cultureverse” is a wonderful way to introduce your kids (and yourself) to the identifying myths and legends of civilizations from around the globe.

Listen to ‘Cultureverse’

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