Dark fiction podcast ‘Bleeders DIEgest’ is what nightmares are made of

Fiction October 26, 2021
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Sam is convinced she’s a monster. Beth found bones in the woods that led her down a mysterious path. Annie is busy fighting the zombie apocalypse that barreled into town, and things are getting hairy. What’s cruising down the desolate highway? We’d love to find out this spooky season, as these kinds of storylines are illustrated in Bloody Disgusting’s podcast, “Bleeders DIEgest.” A weekly show for diehard horror fans, the theatrically scripted stories are sure to shock and terrify even the deadest souls.

“Bleeders DIEgest” is created by The Boo Crew‘s Trevor and Lauren Shand, Krsy Fox (Filmmaker/Musician FRANK, I Live Alone, Knee High Fox), and Spider One (Powerman 5000). Krsy also does a fab job with “Bleeders DIEgest’s” sound design.

Spider One joined Podsauce’s hosts Alesha and Dax in a recent episode that dropped Halloween week. Spider One told Podsauce that his team wanted to start a narrative fiction podcast with all original stories, since so many preexisting shows were folklore adaptations or ripped from Reddit. “Bleeders DIEgest” wanted to share new, immersive content, where the team voices characters themselves and they are also joined by guests.

In episodes, you’ll hear from guest readers like Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2, The Nun), Scout Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies), and Adam Busch (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), just to name a few. “Bleeders DIEgest” welcomes friends to contribute stories as well.

Dax said “Bleeders DIEgest” is the first scripted podcast he’s ever listened to and was creeped out by “The Decker House” episode. In this episode, when a family moves into their new home, it becomes their worst nightmare. Dax listened to this episode on a foggy morning during his run, which set the ambiance for his listen. And when he got home, his son accidentally scared him during the story’s climax!

Alesha listened to episode 11, “The Buzz of the Last Dying Fly,” where poet Jonathan Penny wanted success and sold his soul to the devil. Alesha and Dax were shocked to learn that Spider One voiced both the poet and the devil! Spider One recommended Episode 5, “The Tapes of Kings Chapel,” a story involving a record shop, unusual cassette tapes, and evil possessions. Another one of Spider One’s favorites is Episode 9, “My Sick Little Friend,” a tough listen narrated by a serial killer character voiced by Adam Busch.

“Bleeders DIEgest” is a spooky listen, just in time for Halloween. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Bleeders DIEgest’

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