Betrayal, lies, and a murder-for-hire plot: Dateline NBC’s Keith Morrison recounts the story in ‘Murder & Magnolias’

True Crime November 26, 2022
Murder & Magnolias
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Dateline NBC’s new podcast “Murder & Magnolias” brings listeners to South Carolina’s Low Country for a terrifying tale of betrayal and a murder plot. Chris and Nancy Latham appeared to have a charmed life as a prominent couple in the community. Who knew a murder-for-hire plan was about to unravel?

Start “Murder & Magnolias” from episode 1 to hear the complete story, learn more about the couple’s relationship, and all parties involved. The average episode runs less than 40 minutes long, and you’ll hear from Chris, Nancy, their family members, law enforcement, and those involved in the case.

Chris was a wealthy banker in Charleston, South Carolina. He and his wife, Nancy, had two children. Nancy got her start in real estate and held a seat on the state lottery commission, eventually becoming the treasurer. By the mid-2000s, the Lathams complemented each other at plenty of events for Chris’ banking clients and represented the bank at functions.

As the couple’s 22-year anniversary arrived in 2011, Nancy said she felt their relationship had lost their spark. One night, Chris took Nancy for a boat ride on the lake, saying he wanted a divorce due to her infidelity. He proceeded to present Nancy with text messages and emails that proved an affair, so she allegedly admitted to it. On the podcast, Nancy denied the affairs and said Chris had a history of wild accusations over the years.

By the second episode, learn about an incriminating manila envelope found brimming with maps and photos that pointed to a disturbing plan set in motion. An investigation began and led to a “femme fatale.” Wendy Moore was Chris’ executive assistant way before the two started dating and she wound up playing a critical role in kickstarting the murder for hire plan.

Fans of “Betrayal,” “Internal Affairs,” “The Seduction,” and “Motive For Murder” will likely enjoy “Murder & Magnolias.” Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Murder & Magnolias’

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