David Harbour and Sarah Wayne Callies star in fictional drama podcast ‘Aftershock’

Fiction September 16, 2021
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Earthquakes, and islands, and missing people, oh my! The apocalyptic vibes are real in this fictional podcast about survival. Tune in to “Aftershock,” a weekly scripted drama series by iHeartMedia in partnership with Nomadic Engine. This show follows the aftermath of an earthquake that decimates Los Angeles. When an island suddenly arises from the water, town residents try to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Bodies pile up, people are buried alive, the city is in chaos, and many people are missing. The story centers on officials assessing the situation and a panicked mother voyaging to find her daughter, McKayla, who’s at sea when the earthquake starts.

The cast stars Stranger Things‘ David Harbour, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, and The 100‘s Tati Gabrielle.

In weeks after the earthquake, an investigation unfolds, and the story’s narrators alternate. Flashbacks of conversations between the characters are a storytelling technique used in this series.

Episode 1 opens with a Los Angeles couple relaxing at home making dinner. Mayhem breaks out and we hear some crazy audio design. The shattering glass, crumbling, car alarms, screaming, and sirens sound so real. The earthquake happens and Cassie Wallace’s partner, Lawrence, gets injured. He’s not well enough to join Cassie, who promptly leaves to find her daughter.

They soon learn she’s made it to shore, and is stranded on the island. Cassie meets Wayne Sharpe (voiced by Harbour) and they set sail, without abandon, to find McKayla. When Cassie and Wayne arrive at the island, they’re not alone. People have flocked en masse to claim it as their own. They soon realize the situation is sketchier than they thought, as everyone is in danger.

We’ll get introduced to the full cast by the last episode. The cast includes Austin Amelio, Bethany Joy Lenz, EJ Bonilla, Janel Parrish, Michael O’Neill, Russell Hornsby, Rockmond Dunbar, and Tovah Feldshuh.

The first few episodes are now streaming. All 10 episodes will soon be released.

Listen to ‘Aftershock’

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