David Raterman investigates the Pike County massacre in ‘The Pink Moon Murders’

True Crime March 12, 2022
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One full-moon night in 2016 shocked Appalachian Ohio and the entire nation when 8 Rhoden family members were murdered in their homes. In Cavalry Audio’s “The Pink Moon Murders,” journalist and former National Geographic author David Raterman investigates this case and shares his unbelievable findings on the podcast. It’s a heinous whodunnit that revealed an illegal business, a connection to El Chapo, and family members’ violent history.

Start “The Pink Moon Murders” from episode one to hear the story in chronological order. So far, the series has released over 5 episodes under 40 minutes each.

As an Ohio native, David wanted to find answers and conducted research over 18 months. He scrutinized documents, court records, and spoke with the Rhoden’s friends, family, and community members. David interviewed previously gag-ordered prosecutors, police officers, and revisited the crime scene for any clues.

Police received over 450 tips and spoke with 128 people to investigate the case. Several suspects were interrogated including some Rhoden in-laws. We learn that men recently had a spat with two Rhodens just before they were killed, and they were also investigated since this could be seen as a motive.

A break in the case occurred in 2018 when six members from a different family were arrested. David attended their hearings at the tiny, Pike County courthouse and interviewed those who knew the family. We learn surprising truths about this family who owns the most land in the county and runs a horse farm. Even the investigators were surprised with the new reports.

By episode 4, we learn that a cannabis growing operation was situated on Rhoden’s land, with crops valued at $400,000. David shared more about drug use and production in Ohio and uncovered a connection to cartel leader El Chapo. In court records, we also learn that some of the Rhodens had violent criminal pasts. But was the cartel responsible for the murders? We’ll have to tune in to find out what other information David uncovered with his investigation.

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