Suicide or something sinister? ‘Deadly Diocese’ investigates Buffalo priest Father Joseph Moreno’s 2012 death

True Crime January 5, 2023
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The Buffalo Diocese in New York has a history of allegedly hiding money, covering up abuse, and exploiting children and adults. These are only a few examples of what else might be lurking inside this “Deadly Diocese.” In 2012, 54-year-old Buffalo priest Father Joseph Moreno mysteriously died in St. Lawrence Catholic Church’s rectory. Was his death really a suicide, as ruled by the medical examiner when he was found with gunshot wounds in his head.

Father Moreno’s twin sister, Sue, suspects his death was not a suicide and seeks answers in pursuit of justice. Sue teamed up with the podcast and a former autopsy tech to further investigate Father Moreno’s cold case, and we’ll hear about new, disturbing details that could prove his death was not a suicide.

In Wondery’s “Deadly Diocese,” join hosts and producers Rachael O’Brien and Greg Hunter on their investigative journey to reveal this Diocese’s suspicious dealings and what happened when Wedge was asked to help exhume a body by a Priest, one of his friends, Father Rob Marino. The series also explores corruption and abuse network dynamics in organized establishments.

Stream the series from episode 1 to hear all details from the case. The show kicks off with O’Brien cold calling former autopsy tech, Joe Wedge, after learning about Father Moreno’s sketchy death. We’ll hear from Wedge and others involved in the case to learn what they observed firsthand.

We’ll learn about a possibly botched investigation, details such as what happened when the body was exhumed, and what was found during the second autopsy. O’Brien and Hunter traveled to Buffalo to meet with Wedge, Sue Moreno, and Joe Moreno Sr. as they will share their stories on the podcast.

O’Brien also hosts the true crime series, “Seven Deadly Sinners.” Fans of “Culpable,” “Devil Town,” and “Undetermined” might also enjoy “Deadly Diocese.” For new episodes, tune in biweekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Deadly Diocese’

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