‘Dear Hank & John’ answers questions you didn’t know you had – what if the ocean were carbonated? And why is Ryan Reynolds on this podcast?

Science April 1, 2022
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Since 2015, authors/podcasters/brothers Hank and John Green have been answering life’s biggest and smallest questions on their very aptly named podcast, “Dear Hank & John.” It’s like the Dear Abby column for questions you’ve never once pondered! But, in fairness, they are offering us quite the education on a wide, wide variety of topics.

In just under an hour, prepare to have all the questions you never asked answered. You have well over 300 episodes of “Dear Hank & John” to choose from, so choose wisely. Or don’t, there’s no need to listen to these episodes in order.

Fair warning though, the longer the show goes on, the more niche the questions they’re answering become. We’ve somehow gone from episodes answering questions like “Should I lie on my resume?” and “What do I do if my friend likes Ayn Rand?” to “What’s the closest flammable planet?” and “Why is Ryan Reynolds on today’s podcast?” Oh, yeah, Ryan Reynolds was on the podcast in December. Sorry we didn’t mention it earlier.

Something people love about “Dear Hank & John” is not only the brothers’ eccentric sense of humor, but the fact that this podcast is pretty educational. Like, what truly is the skin of our teeth? Where does that phrase come from? Apparently, it’s from the Old Testament, according to Hank and his guest from a recent episode, Deboki Chakravarti.

They’re also handing out advice and their honest opinions on much more difficult questions. In a recent episode, the brothers had on author and CEO of The Financial Diet, Chelsea Fagan. In it, they talked about money, careers, and more. They spoke about the very pressing issue, should I work for a company that doesn’t align with my values? Is it possible to live with this cognitive dissonance? In other episodes, Hank and John have spoken about being less dependent on our phones, what net zero carbon emissions mean, and more.

“Dear Hank & John” is a certified classic podcast. They’re schooling us across subjects, from science to literature to philosophy. The two are hilarious, heartfelt, and passionate, so why aren’t you listening already? Go! Find out what dinosaurs hatched the most delectable eggs! Find out why fire is shaped that way! You won’t learn this stuff anywhere else.

Listen to ‘Dear Hank & John’

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