Perfect for a binge: ‘Death in a Small Town’ investigates Nathaniel McLellan’s death and new case updates from the last 6 years

True Crime July 28, 2022
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“Death in a Small Town” is a 7-part series investigating the McLellan family’s tragic case, when their critically-injured child died in the hospital. How could Nathaniel McLellan go from perfect health to a sudden injury after allegedly collapsing at his babysitter’s home daycare facility in 2015?

This case sparked a 6-year police investigation where the parents, Rose-Anne and Kent McLellan, became the main suspects. Nathaniel’s parents were understandably suspicious. This podcast also examines why child death investigations are tricky to solve and how law enforcement can improve.

Host Kevin Donovan unpacks Nathaniel’s story, how law enforcement deals with cases like these, and the mistakes in investigations that keep happening. Start the podcast from episode 1 to hear the complete investigation, news clips from the Toronto Star, interviews, gaps found in the case, and how this event impacted Strathroy, Ontario. Its 40-minutes-or-less episodes are so bingeable, you might find yourself finishing all 7 parts in a day.

When Nathaniel was rushed to the hospital, his injuries confused two doctors when conducting tests that indicated brain damage. The investigators performed unauthorized searches, and police interrogated Nathaniel’s 3 brothers.

After Nathaniel passed away, police continued interviewing his parents, and they revealed surprising new information. Investigators turn to media posts and chat with locals to see if they can find any info. Meanwhile, the court obtained secret police notes and Nathaniel’s parents learned doctors weren’t telling them the whole story.

Rumors fly in Strathroy as Rose-Anne and Kent learn new info that makes them question if they should continue their fight or let it go. We learn about “an eerily familiar request,” how the case was mishandled, and an arrest that was made 6 years after Nathaniel’s death – the same time that the family is celebrating their son Luke’s graduation.

This series is presented by Toronto Star. All episodes are now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Death in a Small Town’

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