Delve back into the Upside Down with these ‘Stranger Things’ podcasts

TV & Film May 31, 2022

It’s official! The fourth season of Netflix’s beloved Stranger Things released Season 4: Volume 1 on May 27, and Season 4: Volume 2 will drop on July 1, 2022. Also in the news, Stranger Things has been renewed for its fifth season, which will also be its last.

To celebrate the joyous (and also slightly sad) news, we’ve gathered some amazing Stranger Things podcasts and podcast episodes! Dive back into the Upside Down with these Stranger Things podcasts.

Dungeons and Demogorgons – A Stranger Things Podcast

Listen to ‘Dungeons and Demogorgons – A Stranger Things Podcast’

Dungeons and Demogorgons – A Stranger Things Podcast” is the unofficial podcast of Stranger Things. Jim and A.Ron have been breaking down the Upside Down since 2017, going chapter by chapter through the show. While they’ve been on hiatus along with the rest of the Stranger Things cast, we desperately hope they come back for the next two seasons.

Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins

Listen to ‘Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins’

Robin Buckley knows there’s a monster lurking in Hawkins, Indiana – deadly, dangerous, life-altering. She sees her friends get chewed up and spit back out as entirely different people. But, nobody else seems to see it. Only she recognizes this monster for what it is: Hawkins High School. A podcast companion to Stranger Things: Rebel Robin, a young adult novel based on Stranger Things, “Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins” happens in the same realm as the award-winning Netflix series. The podcast stars Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley and Sean Maher as her favorite teacher, Mr. Hauser.

The Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast

Listen to ‘The Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast’

From LSG Media, “The Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast” is fangirling just as hard as the rest of us. Hosts Jessica and Dean often get the sillies while talking about Stranger Things, but it just shows how much they love the shows. Between their witty commentary and wittier banter, this podcast is sure to delight.

The Stranger Things Podcast

Listen to ‘The Stranger Things Podcast’

This Stranger Things podcast goes farther into Indiana than any podcast before it: sharing news and rumors, their favorite meme of the week, their ST quote of the week, and more. Hosted by the father/daughter duo of Addi and Darrell, “The Stranger Things Podcast” is a pure delight. The two have fascinating insights and interesting speculation on the show, and we’re pumped to follow along to season four with them.

Perfect Stranger Things

Listen to ‘Perfect Stranger Things’

Comic Steve Ausburne and academic Anthony Le Donne were sick and tired of waiting for more Stranger Things, so they embarked on a rewatch of the beloved Netflix series. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait to long for Netflix to announce a fourth season. But if you’re also determined to familiarize yourself with every minute detail of the series before this next season drops, tag along with “Perfect Stranger Things!” They’re only a few episodes in, so you can totally catch up.

We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast

Listen to ‘Rejecting Stranger Things’

A Podsauce favorite, “We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast” is hosted by father/daughter duo of Terry and Sidney O’Reilly. Together, they tell celebrities, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs tales of rejection all the way to the top. And sometimes, they even focus on the television shows and movies that were rejected for years before they went on to change their respective mediums. And the path of the creators of Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers, is no different.

Raiders of the Lost Podcast

Listen to ‘Everything ‘Stranger Things’ Has Referenced’

Twin brothers and film geeks James and Anthony Deveney host “Raiders of the Lost Podcast,” an almost-daily movie podcast all about their favorite films, new releases, and movie news. One of their earliest episodes hones in on Stranger Things and its propensity for ’80s film references. They dare to ask: how many movie references is too many movie references? And did the Duffer Brothers surpass that line?

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