Dianna Agron voices an outlawed mind reader in the fiction series ‘Narcissa’

Fiction October 22, 2022
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QCODE’s fiction podcast “Narcissa” is set in a future version of Los Angeles where mind readers are outlawed. In this world, Dianna Agron’s character, Sid, has worked hard to conceal her mind reading powers. Sid’s family also protects her true identity, yet her life is in jeopardy when the town believes a mind reader is responsible for a slew of grisly murders.

Sid decides to use her power to help her detective sister, Laura, solve a murder case. During the investigation, her mind was filled with others’ thoughts, and she did not find any leads. Sid met Andie at work (Maria Sten), and they began a romantic relationship.

Andie’s ties to the mysterious and nefarious underworld become apparent after Sid sees her where she would never expect. Sid seems ready to put her safety on the line for love since she has lived undercover for years and risks revealing her true identity. In episode 2, Sid is convinced to mind read at a high-stakes poker game. Laura informs Sid that Hans and an organization called MRD are out to catch mind readers.

After Andie’s client gets murdered, she shares memories, introduces us to The Man, shares what he has taught her, and why she is “his good girl.” Sid learns a family secret from Laura and visits her mom in Ojai before she is stopped by the MRD and becomes increasingly suspicious of Andie. We’ll also meet characters like Kent (who eventually confesses his love for Sid) and Hans (a mind reader catcher).

More murders are reported and Andie tests her consciousness. Andie spills everything to Sid after The Man teaches her an unforgettable lesson. Sid meets a fellow mind reader then confesses her truth to Andie before they devised a plan and Andie did something terrible. Is Sid going to get caught by the MRD? What is Andie’s deal?

Fans of “See You in Your Nightmares,” “Listening In,” and “Ghostwriter” might also enjoy “Narcissa.” Stream this series from the beginning with episodes running less than 40 minutes. All episodes are available early for subscribers and released weekly for everyone else wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Narcissa’

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