Are KitKats lasagna? Are there laws while drinking Claws? Dive into heated debates with ‘A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich’

Food September 1, 2021
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If a sandwich is defined as ingredients contained between two pieces of bread, then a hot dog is a sandwich, no? But, is a hot dog bun really two pieces of bread? It’s connected at the bottom. Anyway, no matter which way you swing, there are many more age-old food internet debates yet to be had. And that is what “A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich” is all about.

From YouTube stars Rhett and Link’s media company Mythical & Ramble, chefs Josh Scherer and Nicole Enayati are having heated debates about the internet’s most divisive food opinions. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Is cereal a soup? Are Uncrustables actually a dumpling? We know you have a group chat dedicated to discussing these philosophical probes.

“A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich” is exploring these debates through science, philosophy, history and culinary practices. Filled with hearty laughs and intriguing conversation, Scherer and Enayati make strong points for both sides of the coin. Any question you have about food and cooking, they have the answer. What’s the best way to cook an egg? What’s the most useless tool in the kitchen? Why do picky eaters exist?

Actually, on that last one, the chef’s boss Link Neal of Good Mythical Morning joins them to talk about his “preferential eating practices”. In the fourth season of his show, he and Rhett introduced their “Taste Test” series, where they would be blindfolded and made to eat anything from ghost peppers to bugs. The trio dives into the causes of picky-eating: from some people actually being supertasters to parents who can only cook a select number of meals.

Not only will you find enjoyment and perhaps frustration from “A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich,” but you will most definitely learn something new. Like why people describe some wine’s aroma as fresh tennis balls or a cut garden hose. You’ll find out what makes a hot sauce great and what laws do apply while drinking White Claws. And, at the end of every episode, you’ll be rewarded with weird food pairings submitted by listeners.

Check out “A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich” for the answers you’ve been looking for and the debate topics you’re willing to end friendships over.

Listen to ‘A Hot Dog is a Sandwich’

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