Dive into ‘Shark Week: The Podcast’ for ‘fin-filled’ episodes hosted by marine biologist Luke Tipple

Science July 22, 2022
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From discovery+ comes “Shark Week: The Podcast,” “fin-filled” episodes hosted by shark expert and marine biologist Luke Tipple. Tune in for Luke’s ocean adventures, shark facts, current events, survivor tales, and ocean conservation work. Luke is joined by guests and Shark Week scientists to share behind-the-scenes stories of what’s really happening out at sea.

Now in its 3rd season, start “Shark Week: The Podcast’s” episodes in any order. The average episode runs less than an hour long, with over 20 to choose from.

This season is covering topics like sharks’ biology, life cycles, and species facts. Along with Luke’s ocean anecdotes, like his first-ever shark encounter, he’ll share that some shark types can live up to 100+ years and how they evolved into today’s apex predators.

Luke shared a hair-raising story when trapped in a bull shark feeding zone during a diving trip to Australia’s Yongala shipwreck. He shared tips to deter sharks if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation. Luke discussed sharks’ roles in oceans and how humans can keep sharks safe.

Hear about shark morphology in season 3 episode 3 and head to Guadalupe Island. Luke encounters a 20-foot Great White and outlines shark anatomy. He explains the differences in teeth between shark species. Did you know some have hundreds and others have thousands? Plus, Luke detailed the world’s biggest and smallest sharks.

Also this season, hear about ocean ecosystems, sharks’ incredible senses, and Luke is busting several shark myths. Season 2 talked about ninja sharks, record-setting shark breaches, a Great White Shark nursery in Australia, shared William Shatner’s shark encounter, and much more.

Season 1 studied the Mako Shark, looked at why Great Whites are more aggressive in Western Australia, sharks’ killing sprees in California, and researched deep sea sharks – just to name a few topics.

“Shark Week: The Podcast” is a super-informative companion listen to celebrate Shark Week this July with the Discovery Channel.

Listen to ‘Shark Week: The Podcast’

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