Freaking out about a big life change? Turn to ‘Almost 30’ if you’re hitting yet another anniversary for your 29th birthday

Society & Culture May 4, 2022
Almost 30
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Anything you could possibly want from a podcast — from spiritual healing to health and wellness to entrepreneurship — can be found with the ladies of “Almost 30.” For 6 years, best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik have been empowering and empathizing with everyone going through huge life transitions and the internal and external struggles that come with it. A supportive space for your conscious evolution, as they call it, the “Almost 30” duo is seeking growth in every aspect of their lives and bringing us along for the ride.

With over 500 episodes and more than 50 million downloads, we can confidently say that “Almost 30” is thriving. Episodes are typically 90 minutes long and feature guests who are experts across a wide variety of fields. You can catch two new episodes a week, which drop on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hosts Krista and Lindsey met in the latter half of their 20s and bonded over the strange transition into their 30s. They were already having discussions about their spirituality, health, personal development, relationships, and fears, so they decided to start recording! Authentic, relatable, and uplifting, they have created a community of millions with their podcast.

On “Almost 30,” you can find interviews with people like Lilly Singh, where the three discuss their unwillingness to sacrifice their physical and mental health solely for the hustle. You can also find an interview with Glennon Doyle, where the trio talks about everything from internalized misogyny to activism and moving past a martyr mentality.

They’ve spoken about healthcare, politics, and economics (and how the current systems aren’t working for so many people) with Dr. Zach Bush and learned about the connection between astrology and their finances with astrologer/business coach Natalia Benson.

There is truly nothing this podcast hasn’t touched upon. They talk about chronic health issues, sexual pleasure, influencers, motherhood, career changes, aging, generational trauma, energetic fields, and skincare. Krista and Lindsey are having realistic, vulnerable, and fascinating conversations about what’s going on inside their own bodies and brains because they practice what they preach.

From astrological readings to auditing their anxiety, skincare routines to the science of manifestation, there is something for everybody on “Almost 30.”

“Almost 30’s” holistic to approach to, well, everything has made Krista and Lindsey’s podcast one of the top health and wellness podcasts in the world. They have covered (and continue to cover) the full spectrum of self-evolution in this podcast, providing an abundance of tools, practices, and routines for anyone to experiment with to find what works. Be sure to tune into the wildly popular “Almost 30” to see just what everyone is raving about.

Listen to ‘Almost 30’

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