A fresh companion pod! DJ Jazzy Jeff and Crissle West chat with creatives and actors on ‘Bel-Air: The Official Podcast’

TV & Film April 18, 2022
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iHeartPodcasts presents the companion series, “Bel-Air: The Official Podcast,” hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Crissle West. In weekly episodes, they’ll chat with cast, crew, and creators to unpack scenes from the TV show and explore how on-screen events are reflected in the real world. The guests will share how they dramatically reimagined the iconic Fresh Prince sitcom in the modern day.

While the podcast offers more cultural analyses than episode recaps, the show definitely discusses the storyline and its characters – so beware of spoilers if you’re still watching the show’s first season.

Since February, the podcast has released 8 episodes to be streamed from the very beginning. In under an hour each, hear from showrunners, actors, executive producers, directors, and more. They’ll unpack major concepts and themes like family, parenting, relationships, and mental health in their honest conversations.

Director and EP Morgan Cooper joined episode 1 to share about the series and when inspiration struck for a short film that went viral. They discussed why it was important to focus on Will’s West Philly origin story in Bel-Air. Aida Osman was on Episode 2 with DJ Jazzy Jeff to chat with composers Terrace Martin and Robert Glasper about their writing process and enhancing the story with music. Morgan and co-showrunner Rasheed Newson shared how fashion and aesthetics are integral parts of the series.

Guest co-host Miles Gray and DJ Jazzy Jeff examined social media’s role in Bel-Air with Coco Jones (Hilary) and Jordan L. Jones (Jazz). They talked about the authenticity of food on the show and their characters’ blossoming romance. In episode 7, co-showrunner Rasheed Newson and actress Akira Akbar (Ashley) talked about identity and exploration. In Bel-Air, Ashley explores her sexual identity and Rasheed and Akira shared the importance of telling stories like Ashley’s on screen.

Crissle is a writer and comedian who also hosts the culture podcast, “The Read.” DJ Jazzy Jeff is a trailblazing musician, producer, actor, and more. He was part of the group called DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince with Will Smith and co-produced the iconic Fresh Prince theme song. The group snagged two Grammy Awards: the first-ever award for Best Rap Performance with “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and a Grammy for “Summertime.” DJ Jazzy Jeff was a recurring character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Will’s friend.

If you’ve already watched Bel-Air and you’re eagerly awaiting the next season, check out “Bel-Air: The Official Podcast,” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Bel-Air: The Official Podcast’

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