Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s ‘Therapy for Black Girls’ is a resource for mental health tools, personal development tips, and advice

Health & Fitness January 30, 2023
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iHeartPodcasts presents “Therapy for Black Girls,” a mental health and wellness podcast hosted by psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Episodes focus on personal development tips, mental health tools, and advice for becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Since 2017, “Therapy for Black Girls” has released over 250 episodes and counting. Weekly episodes can be streamed in any order and run less than an hour on average. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is joined by doctors and experts for not-to-miss conversations on topics like anxiety, music and dance’s impact on mental health, the TV show Insecure, gender, body image, transracial adoptions, business, and phobias – just to name a few.

There are episodes on gynecologic health, fighting for reproductive justice, and how sex lives changed during the pandemic. Past episodes covered money tips, healing, procrastination, establishing new routines, finding support in recovery, making new friends as an adult, effective communication skills, and more. Check out episodes on astrological forecasts for 2023, finding your personal style, home beautification ideas, setting intentions for travel, and more.

“For Colored Nerds” and “The Nod” podcast host Brittany Luse joined Dr. Joy Harden Bradford for a discussion on creator burnout for 9-5ers with creative side hustles and full-time creatives. They unpacked how to identify burnout, set online boundaries, and how therapy helped Brittany.

Founder of Patchwork City Farms, Jamila Norman discussed what kinds of food to grow in your home the tools you need to start gardening, what you should know for crop development, and some history.

Dr. Lana Holmes stopped by an episode to discuss how horror movies help people process life, trauma, and survival. Dr. Holmes uses horror film themes with some of her therapy clients, and she explores how these concepts can help us understand trauma, racism, and triggering imagery.

Tune in for new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Therapy for Black Girls’

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