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Business December 7, 2021
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Money doesn’t have to be scary! “Earn Your Leisure” is here to educate the public on only the smartest money moves. Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings genuinely want us to take action with our finances, guiding us through the world of entertainment, sports business, and finance. This iHeartRadio and Black Effect podcast is keeping us up to date on financial trends while breaking down business models.

Recommended to us from the hosts of “Talking It Out,” Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo, “Earn Your Leisure” has been going strong with nearly 300 episodes out and counting. Bilal and Millings actually do three different types of episodes: full episodes, which go a full hour and a half, Study Halls, which are typically an hour, and Cliff Notes, which are a sweet 10 minutes. While you can listen to these in any order, we have seen recommendations to start from the top as they break down the basics of finance.

Since 2019, “Earn Your Leisure” has been doling out free advice on how to make the most out of your money. They’ve been talking real estate, investing, crypto, and the stock market with guests who have mastered them. They are talking to CEOs, business-owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and more about who they are, what they do, and what the future looks like for their money.

Learn how to buy a home, how to build a real estate portfolio, and how to make money in the government contracting industry. Learn how to read stock fundamentals with investor Wallstreet Trapper as he breaks down his investment strategy based on fundamental analysis. And seriously, don’t worry if you’re just a beginner in the world of money, because they are more than beginner-friendly. They break everything down into terms anyone can understand and are truly rooting for you and your success.

“Earn Your Leisure” also keeps us up to date on the latest trends in finance. They’re doing Cliff Notes episodes on why Microsoft is the stock of the decade, the future of Facebook and the Metaverse, the top investments for 2022, and so much more. It’s even better than that business class you took in college.

Bilal and Millings have a huge fan base that cannot sing their praises enough. Whether you are already a savvy business person or someone looking to get into the world of finance casually or professionally, “Earn Your Leisure” is here to help.

Listen to ‘Earn Your Leisure’

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