9 Earth Day podcasts taking the doom and gloom out of saving the planet

Science April 19, 2022

The climate emergency can get super bleak super fast. On top of that, sometimes it just seems so insurmountable that we don’t even want to think about it for too long lest our heads explode. But this Earth Day (April 22), we want to share some podcasts with you that are taking the doom and gloom out of saving the planet.

We have podcasts covering a wide scope of how to save a planet. From diving deep into the ocean (to fish out all of our plastics) with “Speak Up For The Ocean Blue” to the innovators and inventors on Adam Met’s “Planet Reminaged” to “Earth to Humans” looking for a way to conserve our planet’s wildlife, these podcasts are refreshingly positive and hopeful.

From the giant systemic issues to the individual solutions that actually work, hear how we are innovating our way through it all in these 9 Earth Day podcasts.

Planet Reimagined with Adam Met

Listen to ‘Planet Reimagined with Adam Met’

Did you know that AJR‘s Adam Met earned his PhD in International Human Rights Law and is the Executive Director of his nonprofit, Sustainable Partners, Inc.? He is super passionate about the planet, and he wants all of us to feel the same way about Mother Earth as he does. On “Planet Reimagined,” he is interviewing inventors, innovators, and activists working to protect the planet and be more sustainable.

Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast

Listen to ‘Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast’

“Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast” is a podcast that everyone who eats should listen to. So, all of us, we guess! It’s all about regenerative agriculture and where food production and conservation come together.

It’s hosted by Mary-Charlotte Domandi in collaboration with Quivira Coalition, a non-profit promoting healthy agricultural lands and food systems across the world. This podcast isn’t about the doom and gloom of the climate crisis – instead, it’s focusing on the innovative solutions and the farmers, ranchers, scientists, and more that are coming up with them.

Speak Up For The Ocean Blue

Listen to ‘Speak Up For The Ocean Blue’

Andrew Lewin shares the latest news from the ocean in “Speak Up For The Ocean Blue.” Maybe that sounds weird, but saving the ocean can save us all. He’s speaking with all sorts of people about topics like Indigenous-led conservation, preventing plastic pollution, sustainable seafood businesses (like 12 Tides’ kelp chips!), and more.

He’s also reporting on changes marine scientists are seeing in the ocean’s ecosystem, from melting permafrost changing the way to ocean floor looks to microplastics in water.

Earth to Humans

Listen to ‘Earth to Humans’

“Earth to Humans” is exactly the place to go to hear conversations on conservation. This Wild Lens Collective podcast hosts discussions with incredible people fighting for a brighter future for all of Earth’s creatures.

From the illegal cheetah trade to racism within the conservation movement to pondering whether the United States government will survive the climate crisis, “Earth to Humans” is bringing us back down to Earth.

Reversing Climate Change

Listen to ‘Reversing Climate Change’

“Reversing Climate Change” is speaking with all sorts of people about how climate change is affecting us and what we can do to reverse it. From carbon removal to web3 to how the music business intersects with the climate, hear a little bit of everything talked about on this Nori podcast.

America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast

Listen to ‘America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast’

Within this climate crisis, Doug Parsons knows that humans will do what humans do best: adapt. In his podcast “America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast,” he’s sitting down with scientists, activists, policymakers, and journalists about how people are tackling one of humanity’s greatest threats. Informative and refreshingly positive, Doug’s podcast will challenge what you thought you knew about the climate crisis and how it affects people around the world.

TED Climate

Listen to ‘TED Climate’

The climate crisis can feel pretty insurmountable, especially if we’re told to contribute by doing little things like not using straws and buying reusable bags. Well, “TED Climate” is hear to give us hope through solutions. Dan Kwartler hosts this TED podcast by breaking down systemic problems and their solutions into bite-sized bits in just 10 minutes.

A Matter of Degrees

Listen to ‘A Matter of Degrees’

“A Matter of Degrees” is telling the stories of people and corporations that have created our climate problem and how we can fix it. From the landless workers of Brazil to how gender equality can save the planet to the devious plan to keep us all reliant on gas, this podcast hits the nail on the head every time.

Hosted by two women who know more than anyone on the climate crisis, Leah Stokes and Katharine Wilkinson, this podcast is empowering, innovative, curious, and hopeful in the face of doom and gloom.

Climate One

Listen to ‘Climate One’

If you’re looking for an all-around approach to this climate emergency, then “Climate One” is where you should be. Host Greg Dalton tackles both the systemic and individual aspects of this crisis, as well as the scary and the exhilarating. This podcast goes beyond just science to investigate the human impact of the climate crisis like racism, sexism, and poverty.

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